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  1. Skyline Classified ONLY
  2. FS fully built 1996 Nissan R33 Skyline GTR
  3. 1999 Federal Legal R34 GTR
  4. Skyline (parts/cars) WANTED Classified
  5. 1995 Motorex Federal Legal R33 GTR
  6. R32 GTS-T Rear brake pads
  7. BBS LM F1, 18x10, et20
  8. R32 GTR Headlights, Hood & More. Intercooler Shroud
  9. WTB: left R32 N1 airduct front bumper
  10. R34 Getrag Trans, Nismo, Defi & everything else!
  11. R33 GTS-T hood
  12. FS: Stock R32 RB26 Engine Items
  13. FS: Aftermarket Parts will be constantly updating
  14. R34 GTR pieces
  15. ECR33 Tein Coilovers
  16. fs: gtr headlights/taillights
  17. WTB:Various R33 parts
  18. FS Turbo XS dtec, knock lite, and game boy
  19. R32 front strut bar by Juran
  20. WTB HKS turbo actuators?
  21. WTB: HKS CAMS for RB26
  22. WTB: R33 GTR parts for Big Bird
  23. 2 twin plate clutch's for sale, 1xr32 push type; 1xr33 pull type
  24. FS: GT-R 8-cut key
  25. WTB RB25DET wastgate
  26. WTB: Front Bumper for a BNR32 GTR
  27. FS: BNIB Apexi Power FC w/software
  28. R33 GTR center console and airbox
  29. WTB: oil pump, gaskets, bearings and more
  30. Trade - my white face gauges for your black ones
  31. FS: stock r32 gtr suspension
  32. FS: BNR32 and BNR34 Stock Radiators
  33. Wtb R33 Gtr Front Bumper An Rear Spats
  34. WTB R33 GTR Front camber kit/arm
  35. WTB rb26 starter
  36. FS: Apexi l-jetro R32/33 ecu and controller
  37. FS: Very Rare!! Riverside Zepter 3 Piece Wheels. 17x9 +17 17x10 +17 5x114.3
  38. WTB: R33 Clutch Fan
  39. Panasport wheels on ebay
  40. WTB: RB26 Dipstick and dipstick tube
  41. WTB: New Tomei or Apexi fuel pump
  42. WTB: LHS rear lower apron/spat R33 GTR
  43. WTB: clutch slave cylinder
  44. Wtb: Rb26
  45. WTB: GReddy A-Pillar Pod
  46. WTB a crank keyway
  47. FS: Apexi Power FC (R32/33)
  48. FS Used R33 Xenons
  49. FS: Samco Hoses
  50. <WTB> GTR size TE37 or LMGT4
  51. WTB: Inj >700cc and other odds/ends
  52. WTB: Intake + Exhaust gaskets
  53. WTB R33 GTR factory rear spolier
  54. WTB: Power FC commander (old version)
  55. RB26 Head for sale on Ebay w/ no reserve
  56. WTB: oem oil temp sensor
  57. ARC bov w/pipe
  58. WTB: OEM RB26 parts
  59. wtb: rb26 aftermarket fuel rail and R34 IC pipe kit
  60. Defi Din & BF, Nismo suspension & shift knob
  61. Nissan GTR R35 For Sale
  62. Buy my shortblock! RB26DETT 10k miles!
  63. FelixYuen's Garage sAle pArt III (will be updated)
  64. WTB FC Datalogit and Head return kit
  65. The Upgarage Service! From your NEW FA SPONSOR.
  66. M-Workz Garage Sale - Saturday 8/16
  67. Factory Nissan Skylinr R32 and R33 clothing
  68. FS: R33 cluster CHEAP!
  69. WTB Corner Lights indicators
  70. WTB:R32 GTR Center Caps
  71. WTB: Tomei valve lifters
  72. SARD topfeed 1000cc injectors/clips
  73. R32 GTR Nismo fuel pumps
  74. WTB: R33 GTR Driver & Passenger Seat
  75. FS: RB26 OEM Head Gasket
  76. R33 CF gauge pod with gauges
  77. R33 crank
  78. WTB: R34 GTR seats (Grey VSpec)
  79. WTB: New / Barely used R34 N1 Turbos
  80. FS Ported RB26 Head Ebay
  81. FS Sard 440cc and Sard700cc injectors
  82. WTB--rb26 stock fuel rail and injectors
  83. Complete R32 GTR sheet metal and other stuff
  84. WTB wheels 17's
  85. Used BNR34 parts. Make offer!
  86. WTB Shocks BNR32
  87. FS: BNIB HKS or K&N Drop-in filters
  88. R34 interior pieces
  89. WTB: Volk Se37K 18x10.5 +15
  90. WTB 11mm fuel rail for rb26
  91. Power FC with fc datalogit for sale
  92. FS:R32 GTR N1 Turbos
  93. HKS GT2530's for sale
  94. FS: BNIB aem uego
  95. FS: Greddy RB26 oil pump
  96. Volk Rays TE37 18x10.5 +15 5x114.3
  97. NEW!Energy Suspension Bushing G32 GTR Rear
  98. WTB: Air Intake Temp Sensor
  99. used HKS GTRS turbo kit for RB26DETT for sale
  100. WTB - RB26 crankshaft sprocket pn 13021
  101. AEM Meth/Water 1L injection kit
  102. WTB: RB25 rubber engine mount
  103. For Sale - R32 GTR ECU
  104. R32 RB26 05U Shortblock
  105. R32 RB26 05U Head
  106. Haltech PNP R32 RB26
  107. WTB coils and coil harness BNR32
  108. WTB:Carbon hood new or used !vented or oem
  109. RB26 single turbo manifold low mount or topmount
  110. FS: HKS Cast Manifold
  111. FS: RB25/26 Lovefab manifold A/C compatible
  112. WTB: 1 or 2 oem coils
  113. 1995 R33 NY Title
  114. Espelir lowering springs / Carbon N1 Ducts
  115. WTS: R32 rb26 engine and rb25 transmission
  116. F.S. 4-RB30 blocks
  117. FS: 1050cc injectors
  118. FS: Espelir Cat-back Exhaust for BNR34
  119. R33 steering wheel w/airbag,suspension
  120. Nismo triple disc
  121. FS-Brembo R34 Front 14inch 6 Piston BBK
  122. FS: 11mm Greddy Fuel Rail, RB26
  123. WTB: R34 Ashtray
  124. FS: WORK EMOTION XD-9 18", NISMO, other stuff
  125. FS: Complete Rb26dett Swap
  126. FS: AEM EMS 30-1621U for Nissan Skyline
  127. 1200 + hp RB26DETT with spare parts
  128. WTB: Turbos for R34 GTR
  129. BNR32 parts sale
  130. GTR Power Line Pro ground kit
  131. FS: Bridgestone RE01R 265/35/18 socal
  132. FS: 89/R32 GTR Stock Turbos, stock manifolds/elbows, oil lines
  133. FS: Tomei Metal exhaust manifold gaskets (full set, new)
  134. FS: Random RB26 parts, Twin turbo pipe, Throtle Bodies etc.
  135. FS: RB26 Stock pisonts and rods in good condition!
  136. FS: R32 RB26 A/C compressor, ac condensor and fan + tubing.
  137. FS: Stock RB26 Cams + Cam sprokets
  138. FS: Used OEM RB26 water pump, and oil pump
  139. FS: Mine's BNR32 din gauges
  140. FS: HKS twin power BNR32, BNR33
  141. FS: Bridgestone RE-050 265/35/18 Brand New
  142. WANTED - stock turbo to MAF hoses/couplings R34 GTR in CA
  143. FS: Random R33 GTR parts
  144. FS: GTR Oil PAN, RB25 ECU and Parts
  145. WANTED: GC10 skyline tailights
  146. WTB: r33 or r34 ic pipe kit (greddy, hks, nismo doesn't matter)
  147. WTB: r32 gtr panels
  148. GTR33 Front bumper
  149. WTB: rb26 complete intake manifold+itb+inj
  150. FS: power FC and hand controller for GT-T
  151. WTB R33 Gauge cluster bezel
  152. WTB: Misc. GTR parts
  153. F/S ADVAN sa3r 17 wheels and tires socal
  154. WTB: Stock R32 GTR Rims for the winter
  155. RB26DETT ARIAS Forged Pistons
  156. wtb: r33 or r34 top radiator brackets
  157. wtb: rb25/26 tranny bolts
  158. FS: GT-R Partout
  159. FS: Highly Modified Street/Track Ready GT-R
  160. WTB Rubber tranny mount
  161. WTB: NEW high flow oil pump--new or used
  162. RB26 Hks low mount single turbo kit.
  163. WTB Defi Gauges
  164. wtb--R33 GTR alternator..
  165. R34GTR Splitfire coils
  166. wtb r32/33 gtr apexi power fc l-jetro
  167. R33/R34 Apexi power intake, set of R34 GTT seats
  168. ***** R33 GTR Wheels *****
  169. WTB: Power FC L-Jetro or trade for D-jetro
  170. wtb: rear turbo factory intake arm and valve cover tube
  171. GTR Parts Sale
  172. WTB: R34 GTR Body Parts!!!
  173. FS: 18" super advan GTR size/offset socal
  174. FS: 18" Stern Beast GTR size/offset socal
  175. F/S Nismo BNR32 clutch slave
  176. ***** GTR - GTS Dead Pedal Cover *****
  177. Apexi Power FC w/Commander D-Jetro: RB26DETT
  178. --> Felix Yuen Garage Sale <--
  179. 76 mm COMP Turbo for sale.
  180. WTB:rb25 manifold
  181. Wtb Rb26 Knock Sensor Harness
  182. WTB: Misc RB26 parts
  183. WTB: RB25 Valvetrain
  184. WTB- RB26 Main Engine Harness
  185. WTB: BNR32/BNCR33 front lower ball joints
  186. APEXI AFC NEO Air Fuel Management- $210 SHIPPED
  187. WTB- R33 Muffler/Exhaust
  188. HKS Cam 2202-RN138 for RB26
  189. WTT/WTB: RB26 covers (spark plug, timing, and cam covers)
  190. FS: Parts from '08 USCC GT-R
  191. WTB: rubber/metal cam cover washers RB26
  192. CV boot repair kit
  193. carbon N1 ducts
  194. Top Secret Carbon Hood
  195. FS: Do-Luck Double Six Wheels
  196. FS:R32 GTR Tilton Twin Disk & OS Giken Triple Disk
  197. WTB: RB Automatic Parts
  198. WTB: RB25/RB26 bell housing
  199. FS: 750cc RC injectors
  200. Blitz wheels, nismo floormats, HID Headlights
  201. FS R32 GTR 580 AWHP Dyno vid/pics
  203. FS: Cosworth RB25DET metal headgasket
  204. FS: Dakota Digital SGI-5 FREE SHIPPING
  205. FS: greddy/oem/garrett/bosch/xs/koyo/custom
  206. WTB:Rb26 cams
  207. Gruppe M Carbon Kevlar Ram Air Intake for R34 GT-R
  208. FS: Stock RB26 parts, turbos, manifolds, injectors, tb's etc
  209. FS: SuperMade R32 Clear Headlight Lens Covers (perfect for Canada folks?)
  210. WANTED - 300zx TT or Skyline GTR left rear wheel bearings
  211. For Sale - R34 GTR stock OEM valve springs, oil pan baffle plate, cam gears
  212. WTB: aftermarket Valve Guides
  213. FS: New HKS downpipe for R34 GTR
  214. FS: Tomei RB26 Full Counter Billet Crankshaft
  215. FS: R34 Y Pipe, cat, Nismo Spec-Pro Exhaust
  216. Samco Hoses (radiator, heater, intercooler for R33 R34)
  217. WTB pipe behind the AAC valve
  218. 4 Yokohama S Drive Tires
  219. Very lightly used GT4088R turbo, mint!
  220. RB26 wiring harness parts
  221. FS: 18 Regamaster silver socal
  222. 18" x 9.5" +22 Advan SA3R Super Sale!!
  223. FS: RB26DETT equal length downpipe
  224. WTB RB26 divided dump pipes
  225. Nismo Super Coppermix BNR34 twin plate clutch, OEM R34 GTR wheels, HyperRev, Optima
  226. GA: NEW OS Giken GT-R gear set
  227. JIC FLT-A2's for 32 GTR...
  228. FS: Sard fuji Spec M GT spoiler NEW
  229. FS: New Nismo rad cap and thermostat 4 rb motors
  230. WTB: R34 Steel Wheel turbos
  231. WTB: Stock R32 GTR Side Skirts ASAP!
  232. Takata (green) MPH-341 4-point 3" safety long harness brand new in box with bolts CA
  233. FS: GT-R partout 2 whats left over
  234. Sunline Racing carbon fiber rear trunk lid
  235. RB26 motor, Grex oil pump and more RB26 parts
  236. R34 Apexi PowerFC and Hand Commander $900
  237. R34 GT-R Wheels in near mint condition!
  238. Parts clean up- RB26 parts, rb30 engine, wheels etc
  239. R34 Skyline GTR parts: Brembo brakes, struts springs shocks, Apexi downpipe
  240. F/S BBS LM Wheels 17x9
  241. WTB: small parts
  242. 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR for sale
  243. FS: Rare Ab-Flug BNR32 rear diffuser
  244. GA: Nismo 1.5 Way Front Diff Brand New $750
  245. Willans camlock harnesses/Nismo 3" 4pt, silver
  246. WTB: R33 main drive shaft
  247. F/S Rb26 nissan rebuild gasket set
  248. WTB: GTR33 Resistor box, MAF's, power steering pump/bracket/pulley
  249. Wanted: Nismo Ti R34 strut brace, Inlet Piping Kit
  250. FS: Skyline GTR RB26DETT Apexi downpipe/frontpipe and factory OEM BOV in CA