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  1. Question: How does 41 Magnum compare to .357 Mag in recoil and Ammo prices?
  2. The new and the old 5.56mm NATO
  3. A good story for once involving open carry
  4. GUN LAWS Map of the USA by State
  5. Just bought a NICE rifle from a FA Officer
  6. Smith&Wesson has a new Revolver out for Shotgun Shells!
  7. My 3 configurations for my Rock River "M4" Clone
  8. Which Revolver should Fred get?
  9. Found A Shooting Range
  10. First Shots With New AR
  11. (Re-titled) My new AR15!
  12. Back to the range with new trigger
  13. What is the most powerful .357 Magnum Ammo
  14. My Colt Officer's Model 1911
  15. My Toy
  16. The Last Thing An Intruder Will See
  17. Fred's New Revolver
  18. Finally Nice Enough To Go To The Range
  19. Almost picked up a slightly used Saiga..
  20. Welcome Zcar as new forum Moderator!
  21. Whats more accurate out of a 357 Magnum Revolver?
  22. Some random thoughts on revolver Ammo
  23. Anyone have any tips of cleaning a blued revolver?
  24. my first GUN post.....
  25. .357 Magnum Ammo for the price of 38 Special!
  26. My brand new Lewis Machine & Tool CQB MRP Piston AR-15
  27. Just got back from shooting my .357..
  28. I'm Impressed With Bushnell
  29. How much is a Python Barrell?
  30. Chalk Up One For The Good Guy
  31. Sighting In The New Scope
  32. Goofy Idea?
  33. One more for the collection
  34. Fred's 2ND new Revolver!
  35. .50 Cal and Watermelons
  36. Fred's 3rd Revolver!, Yes 3 GP100s, find out why inside!!
  37. Not the typical gun thread...
  38. Ultramax Ammo is dirty
  39. How and why can a revolver lose timing?
  40. Just oiled up my revolvers.
  41. Any Ammo Gurus on here?
  42. Lubricating the AR15
  43. Welcome Magus
  44. Is a "Dan Wesson" .357 as good as a Colt Python?
  45. Just installed Quadrails on my AR15
  46. Just found a batch of tracer ammo at much lower price vs normal 5.56mm
  47. Just came back from an Eastman's gun show.
  48. Any AK47s out there?
  49. Any BIG BORE lovers here?
  50. littlest dudes first deer rifle
  51. Choose Your Hunting Partner Carefully
  52. What to wear for the Apocalypse?
  53. Just got done shooting 350 rds out of my 3 Revolvers!
  54. What a price!!!!
  55. "Army Manual" Counter Zombie Operations at the Fire Team Level, FM 999-3
  56. Versa Carry CC
  57. Jusr shot my newest revolver to day and
  58. Back to owning guns
  59. Economy 38 SPC rounds, a REVIEW!
  60. Zeroed my AR15 last night- finally
  61. PICS of my 2 New Add-ons to my AR15
  62. It May Be Small But....
  63. Added a Gunfighter today
  64. I am getting a second rifle
  65. Assault rifles in the rain
  66. One of the best deals right now out there in .223/5.56
  67. Some beautiful Colt Python Pictures.
  68. A fist full of F**K YEAH!
  69. Just put the wood grips from my 4 inch stainless GP100 and on my 6 inch blued
  70. Not everything I shoot has to go bang
  71. A few .22's...
  72. Like mad dogs and Englishmen I went into the sun today
  73. Find the best ammo prices
  74. I do love guns
  75. And They Call Themselves Hunters
  76. Happyness is a full Ammo closet
  77. The good ol' days of survivalism.
  78. Open mouth, insert Mosin Nagant.
  79. Headed to Appleseed in the morning
  80. Fred's New SIG556 - Review
  81. My Wilson 1996A2
  82. Who are the "zombies"?
  83. Great deal on Brass cased .223 three Day Sale!
  84. Fellas get a pistol grip for your rifles
  85. Umbrella Corporation is making AR lowers now.
  86. Why?
  87. Your DREAM 3 gun kit.what's in it?
  88. Can anyone smell what's about to start cooking after this Colorado shooting?
  89. Does a chrome lined barrell <really> need cleaning???
  90. My new Bathroom gun
  91. What to replace my SIG with?
  92. My NEW AR w/ Daniel Defense Upper
  93. Better get your C mags now!
  94. I love my Ruger GP-100
  95. Shot my new ( to me) AR for zero today
  96. Pmag MagLInk (60rd onboad)
  97. Thumbs up for the SWFA SSALT
  98. Today I went to the post Bookstore/ Clothing+Sales and..
  99. Yes we CAN fit a full size .357 Magnum Revolver into a gov't issue tactical lowrider!
  100. Question for the AR Gurus:
  101. I now realize I enjoy cleaning my Guns
  102. Ear protection
  103. A Quandry
  104. built a range at the ranch
  105. I am not an AK guy, but this is too cool
  106. If I hadnt just bought a car I would have bought this gun
  107. Winchester 94 questions
  108. Shot my Taurus 38 SPC Snubnose last nite
  109. Another gun I used to own
  110. Just had a trigger job on my 4 inch GP 100!
  111. favorite firearm related quotes
  112. A magical atmosphere
  113. 460..............
  114. Yet another shooting College Station Texas.
  115. Anyone ever heard of this Ammo?
  116. Cool 1911
  117. Got a 3 Inch GP100
  118. My revolvers
  119. What do people feel is a good frequencey for shooting and skillset maintenance?
  120. And It Begins
  121. Interesting Youtube review of Wolf Ammo for AR15's
  122. Question for Alabastar or any other gunsmiths.
  123. Castrol Syntec 10w-40 works AWESOME with my revolvers
  124. New forum up.
  125. S@b score!!
  126. NYC Shooting
  127. I have found a good cleaning tool
  128. My new fiber optic front sight
  129. Feeling pretty good
  130. What to wear to the Apocalypse Part 2
  131. Estate Ammo 38 SPC, 13 Bucks /50rds, FMJ REVIEW
  132. A Gas PISTON AR for 830 Dollars!!!!!
  133. First time at the range with my 3" GP100
  134. In light of the recent raging addiction to GP100s, especially 3in guns........
  135. Mossberg 100 ATR Super Bantam .243 and H&R Handi Rifle .243-range review
  136. One More Dirtbag Eliminated
  137. T3h P1mping thr3ad.
  138. 5.56 green tip v. 1/4" steel plate ... at 200 yards
  139. Heizer Defense DoubleTap Titanium Pocket Pistol .45acp/9mm
  140. Vegetarian Zombie
  141. My two GP100's
  142. What do oyu guys think of this deal..
  143. Yes we CAN fire 55gr in a 1:7 twist AR with no loss of accuracy
  144. Nice article about cleaning/lubing the M16/M4/AR15 family. Some Myth busting too
  145. Just Bought a Ruger Service Police Service Six in .357 Magnum
  146. Is WASP as good, or nearly as good, as chrome lining?
  147. How much does it usually cost to put on a flash suppressor on an AR?
  148. I'm done obessing about AR Brands
  149. Went to the range today
  150. Current 5.56mm DEALS!
  151. The battle for Athens, Tennessee
  152. Great Customer Service from TAPCO!
  153. Slicing the pie
  154. Wives and guns
  155. Help me troll this 14 year old fruit bat on prep.
  156. Broke thru my plateau w/ new training methods
  157. Yet another mass shooting!
  158. Does anyone know what happend in this case?
  159. Where Can i buy desicccant packets for a good deal?
  160. A super cheap way to add a flashlight to your Gun
  161. Got a new Midlenght AR-15
  162. Be Careful With Your Cleaning Chemicals!
  163. Not your grand daddy's shotgun
  164. MagPul Pmag versus TAPCO Intrafuse REVIEW
  165. Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry
  166. the XM855 Ammo on stripper clips Ammo Cans are back!!!
  167. My first AR malfunction
  168. Zombie tools.
  169. Got an easy solution for my bathroom guns protection
  170. Open Letter by the NRA to "Politifacts" curious spin in "truth ratings" on the NRA
  171. I noticed Ammo prices are slowly coming down.
  172. Today's practice session at the range.
  173. Back when I can.
  174. Please check your firearms and the ammo you intend to shoot from it.
  175. Have a new (for me) 2" Ruger SP101
  176. Observations after shooting the SP101 for the first time
  177. Shot my Rock River AR-15 today
  178. Shot my Spikes today
  179. What is the point of 6.8 mm Remington in an AR?
  180. Finally got back in!
  181. Want an AR that will never rust?
  182. Other than accuracy are there <any> advatanges to stainless steel barrels?
  183. New LCR
  184. Kit for the post election riots:
  185. First Rounds Through My Ruger .38SP LCR
  186. Mods on my three Ruger revolvers
  187. 6.8mm AR FS 725 USD
  188. The urge to do something strange...
  189. Ok, I give in.. I got yet another..
  190. Last AR??? I don't think so!
  191. You guys are rubbing off on me.
  192. Anybody ready to bury your pets?
  193. Notice how everyone is suddenly out of ammo?
  194. Fired my new DEl-Ton 16inch Middy MagPul MOE at the range today
  195. Couple things I found during cleaning my DelTon Middy
  196. Here it comes - Assault Weapons Ban 2013
  197. Question for the AR fanatics.
  198. What's PMC bronze going for where you're at?
  199. TAPCO AR-15 30 rd Gen 2 (!) Magazines at Wideners for 8.90!!
  200. Crap!crapcrap! All f*****g crap!!!
  201. OMFG gun!
  202. Resident gunsmith?
  203. Added a Gunfighter charging handle with the Large Latch today
  204. New member looking to buy first AR
  205. Chest Rig!
  206. Dr. Knowitall poops his panties full.
  207. The devil made me do it.
  208. Took my FNX-40 shooting today
  209. Got me an EoTech 512 !
  210. Odd grouping with the AR today
  211. Had some bad malfunctions on my RRA AR today and figured out the cause
  212. This is how we roll
  213. My 2 similiar yet distinct AR configurations
  214. Oldschool AR question
  215. Aarrgh!!!
  216. What are some good scopes that are not made in China?
  217. EOtech POV shooting
  218. Hand Protection in an adverse environment.
  219. Joy, joy, joy.
  220. A little concerned.
  221. Fixing my eyes
  222. How much ammo should you have ?
  223. The random gun pic thread.
  224. Time to take a breather form the Ammo craziness!
  225. How to spot fake EOtechs and Leupolds made in China!
  226. Anyone know where I can get some Bayonets ordered that fit my AR's?
  227. Merry Early Christmas........ TO ME!!!!!
  228. The tragedy in CT.
  229. Plot Nuclear Explosions anywhere you want!
  230. just shot one of my rifles tonite
  231. Advice for 1st gun purchase
  232. If your ammo supply catches fire ...
  233. AR 15 charging handles. A look at stock, BCM/Vltor medium and large improved Handles
  234. A good .40 S&W ammunition
  235. Emotional Reactions?
  236. Wish I'd have bought a bolt carrier group
  237. Gun-related shows being cancelled left and right
  238. Biden ot head the new anti- 2nd amendment commission
  239. One of the ferw places that still has 30 rd AR Mags in stock
  240. Cheaper than Dirt announes it is NOT canelling online Gun sales
  241. Print your own targets
  242. Price gouging
  243. I guess rifles really are ammo-sensitive
  244. So who was affected by the buying panic?
  245. AimPoint Pro vs EOtech 512
  246. Something real interesting.........
  247. At the range with a nice friend
  248. Aftermarket AR triggers
  249. I just donated $100 to the NRA
  250. Taking some pics..