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  1. Gunderson Nissan in El Monte, So. Cal.
  2. Tustin Nissan, California
  3. Infiniti of Nashville vs SF Bay Area
  4. Bales Motors-Jeffersonville, IN
  5. Cookeville Nissan, TN
  7. Infiniti of Charlotte
  8. King's Infiniti in Brooklyn, NY... SUCKS!
  9. Any Other Dealer Nightmares?
  10. Good Dealer Experiences
  11. Any good dealer experieces in AZ
  12. Anyone know a good dealer service center in Toronto?
  13. Montreal dealer-top notch
  14. Any experiences with dealerships in South Jersey
  15. Herb Chambers Infiniti of Boston
  17. Nissan Dealers in Canada unaware of sentra 2002?
  18. Will Dealer Order 2002 Max Yet?
  19. Dealer screwed me...............I think
  20. You have to see the humour in it...
  21. my two cents
  22. Toyota has a party everytime they sell a car !!!
  23. write everything on the sales contract!
  24. Dealership Ratings
  25. Dealers in Pittsburgh Cleveland
  26. Why pay MSRP because it is a new car?
  27. Dealer in Evansville, IN
  28. New G35
  29. Please don't buy the Nissan Dealer In Tracy, CA
  30. Washington
  31. Dealers and Internet Loans
  32. Mitsubishi:Bad, Tom Wood Nissan:Good! Indiana
  33. Reccommended: Jeffrey Nissan, Rosevill Michigan
  34. Disappointing Dealer
  35. Disappointing Dealer
  36. Someone please help me with advice regarding dealer
  37. Metro infiniti
  38. Carsdirect.com or Local Dealer
  39. Recommended: Monterey Infiniti
  40. Harper Infiniti, Knoxville TN
  41. Austin Infiniti: Avoid like the plague.
  42. Capitol Nissan in San Jose, CA
  43. New Riverside, CA Infiniti Dealership
  44. Infiniti of Lisle
  45. Need help buying first car!
  46. Infiniti of Tampa?
  47. New G35
  48. Canada: Toronto Infiniti Experiences - Good or Bad
  49. Negotiate price at time of or after making deposit
  50. How to Pay Below Dealer Invoice
  51. NC Infiniti Dealers?
  52. Riverside CA dealer?
  53. Nissan Dealer in the PDX area?
  54. Use Kelly Infiniti/Boston MA at your own Risk
  55. Northern, Central NJ, NYC: Good svc dep-t?
  56. what to look for in a used car.
  57. Infiniti of Mission Viejo - Southern CA
  58. Question on leasing
  59. Nissan Dealer
  60. Miller Infiniti in Van Nuys. Opinions/experiences?
  61. anyone ordered their G from Alta Infiniti?
  62. Boston area- anyone dealing with Norwood Infiniti?
  63. AZers READ - Infiniti of Scottsdale
  64. Best NJ Infiniti dealer?
  65. Bad experience waiting for New Z as preorder cust.
  66. Car shipping
  67. Boston Infiniti Dealers
  68. Good Experiences at West-Herr Nissan Dealership
  70. NC Dealers
  71. Turner Nissan, Sacramento CA - Excellent.
  72. Returning A Lease
  73. Bad experience at Nationwide Infiniti in Maryland
  74. Advantages/Disadvantages of Leasing...
  75. What a deal on a G35 Coupe!!
  76. Stay Away From Infiniti of Charlotte *DELETED*
  77. Stockton Nissan is a little unjust...
  78. Total allocation of 350Z?
  79. Bay Area dealers
  80. Any experience with Beaverton Infiniti?
  81. Great dealer experience @ Hummel's Nissan Iowa
  82. Avoid Nissan Blue Stage (Japan) for repairs!!
  83. Dealer Allocations
  84. Kelly Infiniti service, ARGGGGGG!
  85. DO YOU WANT A G35 SC????
  86. Nissan Dealer ratings - cool
  87. good nissan dealer/salesman in bay area?
  88. Question for people in Boston, MA
  89. GOOD dealer experience and recommendation!
  90. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!! COUPE!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. Southern California Infiniti dealers??
  93. Cerritos Infiniti G35 Coupe
  94. Does Cerritos Nissan really have Z for MSRP?
  95. G35 Coupe for MSRP in LA area?
  96. any experience with Hyatt Infiniti in Calgary
  97. cancelled coupe order
  98. SoCal - 3 350Z's @ Torre Nissan
  99. Wisconsin/Chicagoland Infiniti Dealers?
  101. Costco/Sam's Club/Fleet experience (G35 Coupe)
  102. Need NY Dealer who will Negotiate
  103. Discover Infiniti Kearny Mesa in San Diego. Jerks?
  104. Looking for good VT dealer....
  105. G35 Sedan Still At Sticker?!?
  106. Two thumbs up for Woodchester, Mississauga Ontario
  107. Here is a "Why not": Nissan Dealerships
  108. Forget ABQ Nissan dealerships--they run 'em like
  109. Crest Infiniti knows the G35 Coupe!!!!!
  110. My experience with Roswell Infiniti, Atlanta GA
  111. Well, I now know it...ALL Nissan sales=idiots
  112. How do you know your car hasn't been test driven?
  113. CT dealers?
  114. Crown Infiniti in Birmingham, AL
  115. Do NOT go to Willowdale Infiniti/Nissan in Toronto
  116. Any experience with twin Cities dealerships???
  117. Riverside (California) Infiniti...finally open.
  118. Southern California Nissan Dealers
  119. Just got hosed by Nissan
  120. Peyton Cremer Infiniti in Torrance, CA (near LA)
  121. Where did you buy your 350Z(Dallas/Forth Worth)
  122. Simply Maahhvelush dealership experience 6+ *
  123. Preferred Vendor Status
  124. Tamaroff Nissan
  125. Infiniti of Columbus, OH = EXCELLENCE !!
  126. Riverside Nissan (Also VW) Chuckleheads!
  127. General Question About Infiniti Dealers
  128. Marlborough Nissan MA
  129. Avoid Star Nissan in Queens, NYC
  130. Recommendations on Bay Area body shops??
  131. Passport Nissan in Alexandria, VA
  132. z for msrp in so. cal?
  133. Dealer Doc Fee
  134. Central Florida experience
  135. Lease rate problems with dealer!
  136. Trade In
  137. dirty 350z sales from dealer
  138. help, need some recommendations!
  139. avoid puente hills nissan!
  140. Glendale infiniti: Bunch of idiots!
  141. Passport Infiniti, Alexandria VA - Good Experience
  142. Reagan Infiniti - Omaha, NE
  143. Infiniti of Massapequa - Great Experience
  144. Can anyone recommend a Nissan dealer in Austin?
  145. costs to dealer of an ordered car?
  146. Arnold Tijerina at Riverside Infiniti is THE MAN !
  147. Passport Infiniti in Alex., Va. gets good praise!!
  148. Deposit for G35sc So. Cal
  149. Infiniti of south Atlanta- The place to go
  151. Kitchener Nissan - Worth the Drive
  152. Dealer charges 75$ paperwork processing fee?
  153. Autobytel Dealers in Ontario?
  154. Arnold At Riverside Infiniti
  155. dealer tried to rip me
  156. Out of the way, but worth it- Riverside Infiniti!
  157. North Houston Infiniti
  158. Buying experience from Infiniti in Honolulu
  159. Nissan Dealers!
  160. A new IMAGE for NISSAN....how about INFINITI?
  161. TRI State + area (purchasing)
  162. Kudos to Wharton Nissan
  163. A great deal on FX35/45 in Ohio or Texas!
  164. 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe with all the trimmings
  165. Looking to buy G35S 6MT. Would appreciate advices
  166. Infiniti of Nashua (NH)
  167. Experience with Scott Infiniti
  168. Reed Nissan--oh boy. (Orlando, Florida)
  169. So. California Infiniti Dealers
  170. Midway Infiniti of Phoenix
  171. Atlanta/ Roswell Infiniti
  172. please help - Murano or Fx35
  173. What "extras" does your Infiniti dealer offer you?
  174. Any Experience with Orlando Infiniti?
  175. Jim Coleman Infiniti - Maryland?
  176. Douglas,Flemington or Catena
  177. Who Can You Trust?: Fr CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll Report
  178. Bad impression from Bennett Infiniti in Allentown
  179. Recommendations for dealer in/near Phoenix, AZ
  180. Mission Viejo, CA Infiniti
  181. Buying a G35c in the Los Angelas (818) area...
  182. Looking to Buy a 2002/2003 I35 in Southern VA
  183. How is Service at Lynnes Infiniti in Northeast NJ?
  184. Competition Infiniti of Smithtown
  185. Infiniti Beverly Hills Dealership Closed
  186. beware with a lease
  187. Tustin Infiniti - Great Experience (long)
  188. Carfax, Pretty Please!!! :)
  190. Infiniti dealer in Los Angeles
  191. Jim Coleman Infiniti Ask for Tom Lewis
  192. Gwinnett Infiniti - Atlanta, GA
  193. Unsure if this belongs here or not
  194. Seeking good dealer recommandations (Ontario-GTA)
  195. Austin Infiniti- Excellent Experience
  196. Why does this Nissan dealer treated me like sh*t?
  197. Infiniti of the Palm Beaches
  198. San Francisco Nissan dealers and VPP
  199. Enough about the Satisfaction Survey already!
  200. Costa Mesa - Mixed
  201. Service Experience at Infiniti of Tucson
  202. riverside infiniti experience
  203. Nissan Service in CT
  204. Infiniti of Norwood-good or bad?
  205. Can't test drive
  206. Mike Shad Nissan - Orange Park to the rescue
  207. Frontier Infiniti (San Jose/Santa Clara)
  208. Sewell Infiniti Dallas
  209. Niello Infiniti, Concord, Ca.
  210. All nissan fans plz read!
  211. Grubbs is Great
  212. Southwest Infiniti - Houston
  213. bad staff from Warren Infiniti in So. Fla
  214. Bay Area Nissan dealership
  215. want to test drive 6spd g35 coupe in Bay Area
  216. Performance Nissan in Everett, WA
  217. Best Lease in NJ -FX45 W/Premium Package-NO Tech
  218. Another Grubbs post
  219. Atlanta/Chattanooga Infiniti dealers - Opinions?
  220. Infiniti of Columbus' service department s**ks !!
  221. Service Advisor at Lynnes Infiniti? Recommendation *DELETED*
  222. Roswell Infiniti, great purchasing experience
  223. Crest in Dallas
  224. Millenium Infiniti
  225. Newbie Question - Put deposit on G35C 6MT
  226. VERY Disappointing experience at Orlando Infiniti
  227. New Dealer---Infiniti of Coconut Creek, FL
  228. New Dealership Employee Member - Phoenix Area
  229. Are you looking for an Infiniti.
  230. Bad service experience today (10-19-03) (long vent
  231. Metro Infiniti. Monrovia, CA Any Experiecnes ?
  232. I was wondering what others with coupe paid?
  233. Discover and Hoehn Infiniti - San Diego
  234. Chicagoland Infinit Dealers - Help Needed
  235. New West Chester PA. Infiniti - pricey?
  236. whine lists
  237. Tampa Bay Area-Infiniti Dealerships
  238. New 6MT Coupe
  239. Any Star Nissan Service Customers ?
  240. Passport Yea! Rosenthal Nay!
  241. Infiniti of Mission Viejo
  242. Westbury Nissan in New York
  243. We HIGHLY Recommend Orlando Infiniti
  244. Nissan Screw Up
  245. Fleet Manager
  247. Executive Nissan in CT
  248. Nissan Dealer in College Station,TX
  249. Discount on 350Z
  250. Qx4 - 3 Cracked Rims - No Warranty? *DELETED* *DELETED*