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  1. Pics of 2002 Skyline R35
  2. How about the latest pics for the R35 Skyline?
  3. R35 GT-R
  4. R35's engine already chosen??
  5. who here is against the R35 having a V8?
  6. R35: 2004 not 2002
  7. What's all this about R35 coming to America?
  8. R35 skyline
  9. R35 GT-R
  10. R35 Concept
  11. News of the R35
  12. Latest info on Nissan GTR (R35)
  13. R35 with R34 head lights
  14. REAL R35 Concept pics
  15. What size wheels are these on this R35 concept?
  16. R35 GT-R Concept mystery!
  17. Spy Photo of new R35 GTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. New R35 GTR pictures
  19. Tunability of rumored R35 engines?
  20. R35 GTR Concept Commercial
  21. Will there be an R35?
  22. R35 Engine Update
  23. R35 vs R45
  24. Just found this R35 article from Sept. Road & Track
  25. Clue me in Any new R35 info???????
  26. R35 coming to US as 2006 model???
  27. Discussion on the New R35 GTR!
  28. New R35 pics!
  29. New R35 GT-R Speculation (PIC)
  30. R35 electrical speculation
  31. Info on New R35
  32. The R35 is gonna look like what?
  33. "R35" Comp? : New RX-7 Development Info
  34. R35 in America? *DELETED*
  35. R35 lineup.......
  36. Skyline R35 GTR
  37. R35 Questions, different than in previous posts
  38. r35 mini van concept
  39. 2005 Production R35? VQ33DET with 380 hp? *DELETED*
  40. r35forums.com(for users interested in the next gtr
  41. R35 GT-R should have looked like this!
  42. Skyline R35?
  43. Guess GT-R Powerplant and Horsepower Contest
  44. R35 Specs Contest
  45. Value of Imported Skylines after R35 is launched
  46. Production R35 spy pics!!!!
  47. cgi R35 images
  48. New GT-R R35 Press Release
  49. Nissan GT-R/ Nissan owners event to view R35 GT-R in Los Angeles
  50. Nissan Skyline GT-R owners / Nissan owners event in LA to view R35 GT-R
  51. R35 GT-R Press conference LA Autoshow
  52. You missed the R35 GT-R if you werent at Chiat Day today
  53. R35 GT-R roll in / exhaust sound at GT-R owners meet
  54. Better pictures from GT-R owners meet - R35 GT-R
  55. R35 GT-R - Production based racecar pictures
  56. mine's r35
  57. R35 GT-R launch control vid!
  58. Can you get 2009 GTR at MSRP?
  59. Video Clip: Best Motoring Exclusive - Tsuchiya R35 Time Attack
  60. R35 GT-R parts prices - $28k for a VR38
  61. Option Mag R35 Catback Exhaust Test
  62. RB in new R35
  63. First Crashed R35 from Hong Kong ?
  64. Mines Dampers for the R35 cost $9100 and...
  65. R35 GTR In US?!?!?
  66. R35 GTR in the snow
  67. R35 GT-R vs Gallardo, 911 Turbo, 911 GT3, NSX-R
  68. Another R35 on the dyno - 457 whp - 520 at the engine
  69. Cobb Tuning R35 GT-R on its way to the US
  70. First two privately owned R35 GT-Rs are in the US
  71. Mines R35 GT-R coming to the US and 59.367 at Tsukuba
  72. R35 GT-R vs 911 TT in the UK at Rockingham
  73. R35 GT-Rs in the US - detailed pics and videos
  74. Built in stashbox in the R35 GT-R
  75. 18" wheels fit on an R35 GT-R
  76. So I drove an R35 GT-R in the US today
  77. So I drove an R35 GT-R today
  78. 5th Gear R35 GT-R test drive
  79. Detailed pictures of the IHI turbo on the R35 GT-R
  80. Why is it called the R35
  81. Manual says R35 "Rice Forbidden"
  82. Crashed R35
  83. Cars and coffee meet with R35 GTR
  84. JSpec Connect R35 GT-R on the dyno
  85. Road and Track - R35 GT-R vs Z06 vs 911 Turbo
  86. Road and Track - R35 GT-R vs Z06 vs 911 Turbo
  87. Some pics and vids of the RHD JDM R35 GTR in CA
  88. Some pics and vids of the RHD JDM R35 GTR in CA
  89. Mine's R35 GT-R in the USA
  90. Issues with the GTR? Michizio Niikura says so...
  91. R35 Dyno at XS Engineering
  92. gt-r inN california
  93. Think the new GT-R is popular in Japan?
  94. First GT-Rs in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  95. R35 GT-R vs. Ford GT Video
  96. Jeremy Clarkson on the Nissan GT-R
  97. FS: 1 Kidney. Price 1 GTR
  98. First 7 NISSAN GTR Arrives in Abu Dhabi with gold Seats
  99. Old News? The "Truth" About The GTR
  100. Need parts for your GTR? JK it is just cool to see all the parts
  101. R35 GT-R's at the Port in LA/ Long Beach
  102. Takara to make GT-R Transformer
  103. GT-R takes 1st & 2nd at the Autobacs Super GT...AGAIN!
  104. Visited my local Nissan dealer
  105. Car & Driver retests GT-R, calls it a Honda Prelude.
  106. GT-R Dethroned at Norschliefe -by a Corvette
  107. 70 Percent of 1st Year Allocation Sold
  108. Few pix of the Zele-Harrison GTR
  109. So, who has a GTR coming early July?
  110. GTR Service Costs
  111. Hennessey GTR
  112. The wait is over. First U.S. Nissan GT-R delivered at 12:01 AM
  113. Nissan offers a Lease for GTR
  114. R35 GT-R following an R35 GT-R
  115. gtr accessories
  116. GT-R vs. Bullet Train
  117. The Stig is good
  118. Few GTR's on Autotrader
  119. Stig drives the GT-R
  120. GTR Sedan and SUV?!!!
  121. Only 10 Launch Control passes
  122. All Season Tires For GT-R
  123. Conspiracy of "de-tuned" US SPEC GTRs?
  124. Nissan GT-R Spec V specs revealed by R&T
  125. 2 GT-R arrived this week
  126. Lamborghini LP640 Vs Nissan GT-R vs Porsche 997 turbo
  127. Cheapest anyone seen a '09 GT-R
  128. Inside view - Nissan GTR R35 with full open exhaust
  129. We Finally got em!!!!
  130. 2 GT-R's just arrived in Gurnee, IL
  131. GTR R35 for Sale in Southern California
  132. GTR R35 in Chattanooga
  133. Nissan GTR vs 506whp Mitsubishi Evo
  134. AMUSE GT-R Kit.
  135. Buffalo Grove IL black GT-R (broadband)
  136. US GTR Dyno'd
  137. Need a GTR
  138. 2009 Nissan GT-R - Motorweek
  139. Nissan GT-R first impressions
  140. R35 Foglights, is this a UK only option?
  141. Market Adjusted Price
  142. HKS GT570 Nissan GT-R Makes 559 HP... At The Wheels
  143. Nissan raised GT-R MSRP quite a bit
  144. GTR @ MSRP finders fee!!
  145. Bruno Senna drives Nissan GT-R vs Porsche Turbo
  146. Friend took some GT-R pictures in Portland
  147. Edmunds GT-R is getting major work done...
  148. Pics: Nissan high performance tour in Sweden (Europe)
  149. GT-R hitting the road already
  150. anyone interested?
  151. Oh My God. I saw a GT-R today, no plate. *MAGNIFICENT*
  152. Matte Black GTR
  153. Amuse GTR crosses 600hp barrier
  154. FS: Spot in line - Calgary, AB - Canada
  155. Dealer Busted Drag Racing GT-R's / Fact or Fiction
  156. Porsche accuses Nissan of cheating at Nurburgring
  157. 2009 Nissan GT-R Top Speed
  158. Cobb Nissan GT-R vs Techart Porsche 997 GT Street
  159. Rear View Cam?
  160. IDRC Fontana, CA Nov 22 - GT-R
  161. national geographic makes documentary for nissan's GT-R
  162. Auto express crowns GT-R Perfomance Car of the Year
  163. Any GT-R Owners in texas?
  164. Chevy Corvette ZR1 vs Nissan GT-R
  165. Any GTR owners in the NW?
  166. Nissan R35 GTR vs Spoon NSX Turbo vs Tunes Mazda RX7
  167. Top Gear Australia featuring Nissan GTR and Subaru WRX
  168. GT-R is 2009 car of the year by Automobile Mag.
  169. 10 sec GTR...on 22's and with bolt-ons!
  170. No Launch Control - 2010 GT-R
  171. GT-R gets chopped in half...
  172. 2008 Dodge Viper ACR vs Cobb 2009 Nissan GT-R
  173. GT-R Trackday Dec 29 - Buttonwillow Race 13
  174. Tokachi 24 Hour -R35 GT-R Pictures
  175. November GT-R Sales 208 Cars
  176. SpecV Specifications and Pricing
  177. Nissan going back to Nurburgring with 2010 GT-R
  178. 10.80@126 - 1.51 60 foot
  179. R35 GT-R Service Manual
  180. Updated Nissan GT-R for Europe
  181. Any Owners Experience Tire Failure?
  182. Florida : Your GT-R Privileges Will Be Taken Away
  183. GT-R Spec V Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow
  184. 10 Second R35 GT-R Breaks Transmission on Video
  185. PPG Gearboxes working on upgraded gearset for R35 GT-R's
  186. Fia Gt R35... Gt-r Lm ?
  187. Quad Charged Nissan GT-R
  188. 12 R35 GT-R's at Buttonwillow Pictures
  189. Motor Trend Driveline Loss Test
  190. The truth - Nissan GTR horsepower
  191. Videos :12 GT-R's at Buttonwillow
  192. Nismo Clubsport GT-R Driving Impressions
  193. Stolen GT-R in Florida
  194. Tuned Nissan GTR battle
  195. Zele International Complete Cars
  196. 2010 Model Year Changes
  197. Spec V Information, Pictures ,and Video
  198. Tokyo Auto Salon Pictures
  199. Steve Millen - Targa New Zealand
  200. R35 Aero Parts Buyer's Guide TAS 2009
  201. 2009 GTR Bests the 2008
  202. Another GT-R Transmission Breaks....
  203. Nissan GTR wing - prototype
  204. Spec V 7:20 ? at Nurburgring
  205. Nissan GT-R SUV and Four Door
  206. Higher 0-60 times!
  207. How Many FreshAlloy members have a GTR?
  208. procuring a GT-R
  209. Parts to fix broken transmission P2714
  210. Hertz Corvette vs Nissan GTR
  211. Hennessey Claims first 700+ whp R35 GT-R
  212. 0-60 in 3.1 seconds - LC 2.0
  213. PPG 1st gear upgrade for R35
  214. Mercedes CL65 AMG vs Nissan GTR
  215. Nissan GTR R35 crashes in the canyon
  216. 2010 gt-r
  217. Riced out R35 at Spring Break Nationals
  218. Porsche GT2 vs Nissan GTR at the Nurburgring
  219. First Nissan GT-R SpecV review
  220. Hennessey GTR700 Nissan GTR
  221. Nissan GTR Meisterschaft exhaust system
  222. Tuned Nissan GTR vs RENTECH Mercedes C63
  223. Hennessey GTR700 Nissan GT-R 10.87 at 132mph
  224. Nissan GT-R spec V
  225. FreshAlloy Inside Look: The Stillen GT-R
  226. 2010 GT-R "Launch Control" Explained
  227. Nissan GTR vs Ferrari F430
  228. Nissan GT-R Stage 2 vs Porsche Turbo Switzer SPI750
  229. Ferrari F430 Scuderia vs Ferrari 360 vs Porsche GT2 vs Nissan GT-R
  230. Ford Focus RS vs Nissan GT-R
  231. HKS Stage 2 Nissan GTR R35 vs LPE 454ci Corvette Z06
  232. GT-R Items?
  233. Stock Nissan GTR vs 580HP Corvette Z06
  234. Nissan R35 GT-R vs tuned Nissan R34 R33 R32 GT-R
  235. SSP - Jotech Tuned Nissan GTR
  236. New Owner!
  237. 600HP Nissan GT-R R35 HKS GT570 vs 670HP Corvette Lingerfelter LPE Z06
  238. GTR production run
  239. Selling 2010 GTR at MSRP
  240. Twin Turbo and Twin Supercharged Nissan GT-R
  241. Bugatti Veyron vs Nissan GT-R
  242. Nissan GT-R vs BMW M5 Evosport
  243. Nissan GTR vs MTM Audi RS6
  244. Nissan Skyline GT-R Meet @ SP Engineering
  245. Illtech Auto Salon - Nissan GTR + Nissan GTR P800 0-300 km/h run
  246. Porsche Turbo EDO Competition vs Mercedes CL65 vs Nissan GTR
  247. Amuse Nissan R35 GT-R Phantom
  248. Nissan R35GT-R vs The World 2
  249. Project Mitsubishi Evo X vs Nissan GT-R
  250. Audi R8 V8 and V10 vs Lambo LP560 vs Nissan GTR