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09-03-2004, 12:57 PM
I took the exhaust cam out of the S13 engine that came with my new 240 (my KA-T engine is a 97 so I wanted the 248 e. cam..), and I wanted to throw the S14 engine's cam back into the S13 engine so that I could sell it as a running motor. Thing is though, I'm having trouble finding out how I'm supposed to line up the exhaust cam... There is a dowel pin on the end of the cam that fits into the cam sprocket... do I use that somehow? ...Or maybe I can use the intake side (which is still bolted in) as a reference?

Help me out guys, this is my first time installing cams...

09-03-2004, 01:09 PM
Check the JWT website, they have cam install instructions.


09-08-2004, 01:03 AM
first off was the engine at top dead center (TDC) when you took the cam out? if it wasnt this wont mean anything. the intake cam's first lobe should be pointing to the passenger side of the car horizontaly, or if you going by the small indentation on the almost outer rim of the sprocket, it shuold be in the 10 oclock postition if you are looking at it from the front of the engine. When you put the exhaust cam in the small indentation should be facing towrd the 12 o clock position. and the first lobe on the exhaust cam should be facing the drivers side of the car horizontally

if it was not at top dead center you are going to have to do some things first.
1. take the chain off the intake gear
2. now turn the crank manually while holding the chain in your hand, or you friends so it doesnt fall down into the chain guide area.
3. once you have it at top dead center which is when your pully's 5th line from the right is lined up with the marker on the front of the engine.
4. you should also be looking for a shiny or silver link in the chain.
5. Once the pully is at TDC and the silver shiny like chain link is showing up over where the intakes cam indentation is at about 10 oclock is when you have it right.
6.now turn the intake cam to the postition that i meantioned earlier. Once this is down please put the chain back over the intakes gear.
7.Now you might acually have to take the gear off the exhaust cam to fit the chain on right, im not sure. but if you do you are going to have to put it back into tho the engine to loosen the gear from the exhaust cam.
8. now put the chain on the gear and connect it to the cam the tourqe setting fpor the bolt to hold the gear to the cam is 91-98 ft-lbs.
(and dont forget the chain tentioner http://forums.freshalloy.com/images/graemlins/smile.gif
good luck!!!!!

my aim name is kil0shady if you need help