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09-03-2004, 11:00 PM
Hi everyone, was searching the web for info on 620's and found this site.

I currently own a 72 4 door 510 and just picked up a 73 620. I also previously owned a 71 240 that i regretibly sold.

Anyways, I'm currently looking for information on 620s and noticed a few others in this section have also recently aquired one. Does anyone know of any other sites that focus on the 620 as far as modifications go.

I want to convert the front brakes to rotors, maybe get a 5 spd. stainless steel lines, etc. all the basic performance upgrades. Currently I am building an L16 for it. Using an A87 peanut chamber head, duel solex 40mm sidedrafts, squareport shorty header, and probably going to go with some L24 pistons. Also going to do the whole MSD/Pertronix setup and electric fuel pump. But still I keep coming to the other road blocks like suspension and braking.

The brake lines look like they might be the same as the 240, and I read somewhere that the 78 620 came with disk brakes in the front, but I cant find any information anywhere else regarding compatibility.

Oh man sorry to rant on like this, I am just really excited about this truck, it was the same when i first bought my Z. So yes, hello once again everyone, and hope someone out there might have the information im looking for.

09-08-2004, 07:00 AM
A '78 620 came with front discs and a L20 motor which is 2.0 liter. The front suspension is of torsion bar spring design, and has upper and lower A frame control arms. The torsion bars make it easy to raise and lower the front end, just turn a bolt. There probably isn't very many options on changing these springs. You could go to a aftermarket "mustang style" front end kit that will give you the same setup with coilovers. Or, you might be able to fit coilovers into where the stock shocks go. The rear end is a solid axle design. You can add blocks between the leaf springs and axle to lower it. If you were going to add h.p., you could go to a 4-link/panhard bar setup.

I've had a '72 620, that I put a 327 c.i. chevy into, a '76, and a '78. They handle like go karts when lowered.

09-13-2004, 12:11 PM
Check out www.nwde.org (http://www.nwde.org) there is alot of 620 guys there