View Full Version : Can't find what you're looking for? Tips here...

09-07-2004, 12:23 AM
I'm sure your posts here sometimes yield you with no results. So if you still need something that no one here has and you don't want the dealership to kill your bank account for some small OE part try this.

The Google of Junkyard Parts
www.car-part.com (http://www.car-part.com)

It is a searchable database of junkyards across the country and Canada. Basically it is tapped into the inventories of all these yards (probably in the thousands) and you can search for parts by make model and then part. I found my J30 diff on their for my S14 really cheap, have also gotten really good deals on other parts. Typically I can find yards located in my state or surrounding ones (you can specify on your search by state, region, or whole country) in order to help cut shipping costs.

It is pretty easy to navigate through as well and no annoying ads or distractions. So if you can't find something here and don't have the cash for OE parts try the site. It is kind of like the google of used parts.

And for those of you wondering, no this isn't a mod making a commercial post. I've already got it OK'd in the Mod Forum, just trying to help you guys out.