View Full Version : SR is finally in - no idle but will rev up - SOS

09-12-2004, 07:46 AM
Ok...like it says I got the S14 SR n the car this week...been trying to get it running for the last 2 days...here is whats going on...

Harness was done by Heavy Throttle , z32 ignitor was wired by me, z32maf wired in by HT, I put in the afc (set to Hotwire 2 in 6out) - all the plugs seem to be on correctly and everything seems to be wired ok
Car will crank but no idle - will revv over 2500 if i step on gas. Same result wether MAF is on or off. Car actually runs like a IC piping is loose but i am about 98% sure no connections are loose(when i do rev past 2500 puffs of black smoke come out and car will still rev but stumbles badly)

AFC is reading the RPM signal but seems like adding or decreasing fuel makes no difference on how car runs but im am 95% sure the pressure wire is hooked up correctly. I also have the grey throttle wire hooked in correctly but im getting no voltage reading....

Replace MAFS with another tonight when my friend comes by

Recheck the AFC wiring

Recheck the TPS voltage with a volt meter

Recheck the IC Piping for a 5th time

Recheck the Spark Plugs for being fouled out

Recheck the harness for any loose or wrong connections (but dont all the plugs fit only a certain way???)


Please list any and all possibilities or thoughts on what my problem may be...unfortuneately i will be at work from 10am -9:30pm so i wont be able to respong but im hoping that there will be some responces so i can try stuff once i get home...THANKS FOR ANY HELP THAT CAN BE OFFERED!!!!!!

09-12-2004, 09:35 AM
depending on what FMIC you have....there may be a small 1" ID pipe on it that is not plugged up for a hook up to the factory BOV, i forgot to plug mine, and the car would start but then die in like 30 sec, once i plugged it, everything weas golden. If it wont stay idlin then check all your IC connections, if they are alright, then check all your fuel [censored], your starving it in one department, just gatta figure out which.

09-12-2004, 04:52 PM
Recheck the ignitor connector and the wires make sure they snapped in all the way,also fuel delivery,did you replace your fuel pump,recheck the ecu connectors.

09-12-2004, 08:11 PM
fuel pump is good...replaced that before i put the motor in...im about to check the ignitor wiring today...after talking to a couple of friends we think that may be a cause...