View Full Version : CTS QUESTION - Car running rich

10-06-2004, 07:52 PM
In my search to figure out why my car runs so freekin rich i have found that in some cases the coolant temp sensor could cause problems...my question is if the cts sensor wasent functioning properly would the temp reading in the car still be right...if thats not it then what should the stock fuel pressure be for a stock s14 motor...i saw around 43 psi and then i saw that it should be 25 or so...please help...thanks

btw...on the dyno the car runs pretty good...just very rich at full throttle (but was able to get it corrected with the afc) and EXTREMELY rich and partial throttle(even with the afc maxed out @ -50 car still registered rich off the charts on the dyno)...

10-06-2004, 08:01 PM
the coolant temp sensor and the thermal transmitter are two different sensors in the same area... the CTS provides the signal for the ECU to work off and the thermal transmitter gives the signal for the gauge cluster... you need to check the CTS(which is the two wire one, the therm. trans. is a single wire) for it's resistance which is outlined in the S14 SR20DET FSM that you can download off of Hugh's site ( Zeroyon.com (http://www.zeroyon.com) )...