View Full Version : z32 MAF signal drops with SAFC

10-24-2004, 06:55 PM
I've been having some issues with my MAF dropping the signal with my SAFC recently. Car's been running fine for a few weeks and now when I leave it idle for a minute or two, I see that the MAF signal would drop to 0% and the car would die. It happens a few times when I drive on the street as well and I would have to keep revving up the motor until I see a signal on my SAFC (usually around 1% @ idle). The only thing I'm thinking about doing now is pulling out my harness completely and re-souldering any connectings that might need it.

I've already checked my MAF plug and the wiring seems to hold up ok. Thinking about getting that tomei plug...

Has anyone had this problem where the car would run fine, but all of sudden lose the MAF signal with their SAFC? I've had the car running fine for weeks and now this has just happened ...

Thanks and any info is appreciated!

10-25-2004, 01:33 PM
I just went through this problem.
I have a Z32 MAF, SAFCII, on my KA-T. It happend for a week, i would drive the car but sometimes it would stumble when i stepped on the gas. I saw my AFL % dropping little by little.
One day i went to start up my car turned on fine, but the safc read 0%. I had to replace my MAF. I tested it on another car and the MAF was bad.
I dont know if thats the sign for mafs to start to malfunction before they crap out. I say check the that maf and make sure its working properly.