View Full Version : Need help friends sr misfiring

11-10-2004, 05:39 AM
Yeah so the second cylinder on my friends sr is not firing at all. I have tried just about everything to try and locate the problem. I checked the plugs, swapped the coil pack, tested the power to the coil pack, tested the power to the injector, swapped ignitors everything. Heres where I stand when I swap the coil pack it works just fine but when I pull the coil pack out and place a spark plug in it it doesnt spark. I tested the wires and the coil pack has power and even tried replacing the ignitor and testing the old one on another sr. Im just stumped as to why this cylinder is dead oh and the compression was perfect across the board as well. Any input would be appreciated.

11-10-2004, 12:35 PM
are you grounding out the plug when you check for spark? it has to be touching metal..

im guessing its a stuck injector.. in my town, we have about 11 sr swaps that have been done now.. a few of them ask me for help when something goes wrong.. in the course of 1 week., i had 2 different swapped cars come to me with the same problem.. 1 cyl nt firing.. it was an injector on both of them.. which to me is weird that no one has ever had these kind of issues before, and then boom.. 2 in one week..

to check the injector, grab some wire, and hook a pos lead and a neg lead to each terminal of the battery, and to each terminal of the injector.. you shoudl hear a click.. then reverse the wires on the injector, and it should click again, and back and forth and so on..

if no clicking is being heard.. its a bad injector.. to test the fact you are doing it riht, check it on a good firing cyl too..

let us know how it goes