View Full Version : $5000 Widebody kit??

12-16-2001, 07:07 PM
I remember talk of a widebody kit, specifically posted up by my friend 240SilviaX. Since he's at the casino right now, and i'm on, I figured I'd ask for him. Anyone think this is possible for $4,999??
http://www.importfan.com/images/products/catalog/240sx_89_94/240sx_89_94_b_importfan_type_option_widebody_01.jp g

first of all, it's from www.importfan.com (http://www.importfan.com/product.asp?3=1029) (click the link and it goes there directly.
secondly, it says:
"This is a custom one of a kind kit I believe, we have have this style made after it is ordered." on the bottom.

Just thought it was interesting....

12-16-2001, 07:09 PM
thats an abortion of a body kit http://www.freshalloy.com/

lots of good ducting areas though http://www.freshalloy.com/

12-16-2001, 07:16 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial[/img]quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AceInHole:
Anyone think this is possible for $4,999??<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Probably not for $5k.

I agree with Adam, some of the details on that thing look like crap (vents above the front wheels, chrome trimmed rear fender vent, riveted-on hood cowl). But the idea of cramming some fatty Regamasters under the fenders is pretty appealing. http://www.freshalloy.com/

12-16-2001, 10:05 PM
i wonder what other widebody kits there are for s13's. if you play tokyo extreme racer zero, there is a tuner 180sx with a widebody kit and it is friggin un believeable. most of the body kits in that game are modeled after real ones and it almost said nimso, on the back bumper. anyone know if nismo made a crazy body kit?