View Full Version : FS 1975 datsun b210 *pics* $600 so cal w. covina

12-13-2004, 03:05 PM
as advertised, ive got a 1975 datsun b210 for sale, $600. starts and runs great, new brake master cylinder, 1 yr old battery, brakes <1 year , new battery cables.

i also have almost everything you would need to swap in a ka24e, newly rebuilt ka24e (needs to be taken apart to have the oil passages flushedrebuilt sohc <700 miles on it (needs to be taken apart and have the oil passages flushed i just never had time to do it) i had everything done on the engine, new pistons, chrome rings, bearings, timing kit, lifters, con rods trued, cam reground, crank ground, valve job, port / polish, head / block resurfaced, new dist car / rotor, spark plugs, wires, oil pump, removed swirl control valves bored .030" when rebuilt

paid over $1000 for the rebuild, yours for $400
5 speed ka tranny
sohc ecu

sohc wire harness


909 910 2278