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12-25-2004, 10:04 PM
Never be cheap when it comes to your safety!!!
Listen up everyone...it is me...former owner of an sr20det 510...I have been watching this board for some time now and just sitting back and listening to everyone trying to do this swap. However, I can't take it anymore and I must speak out in the name of SAFETY! First off let me make myself very clear with this statement...I am not trying to boast myself as the SR Guru!!! I am one simply wanting to see you all succeed. I have seen this swap done in many different fashions and the first thing that I want to tell everyone is before you rush to get that car finished and on the road PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK OF YOUR SAFETY FIRST!!!!!!! Ask your self a few things...Do I trust these welds??? Is this structure going to hold up under 100 plus MPH??? DO I trust my welding under these circumstances??? Since I built my 1st sr510 I have learned alot about structural integrety and safety. I have seen alot of upcoming SR swaps turbo and non turbo and some have been major garbage!!! I have seen it all from bad welds and jerry rigged X members!!! People what are you thinking??? this is not safe!!! I want you all to have the swap but some of you guys need to chill out and do it right the first time! Imagine yourself jetting down the quarter mile and your steering centerlink breaks loose!!! What in the hell are you going to do at 100+ mph with no steering??? Some of you folks are going to or may be trying to kill yourselves!!! I have seen and will only recommend work from 4 people. It is not because of favortism but becuase these are the only people that I have come to respect and trust!! DO NOT GET ME WRONG!!! I am sure that there are many quality people out there but these are the people that I have chosen to deal with based on quality and the fact that instead of just pulling out the hack gun and going to town alot of thinking has gone into what they have done instead of hack putting together a kit from that you can get from Hack city! here they are:

Mario Lozano of TSR 310-323-6553 Mario may be slow and may be a pain to get in touch with but I appreciate all of the research that he has put into his SR products! He is slow because he is meticulous and pays attention to detail down to the quality of the weld!!! I TRUST THIS STUFF AT 200MPH!!!! It is what I will be using on my new 510 SR project. I will have www.510driver.com (http://www.510driver.com) up and running soon again and this car will be the feature project. Mario has a jig already set up to mount and weld the X member motor mounts in the correct position which allows you to use the stock SR mounts along with Flipping the X member and re-inforcing it. Mario also has a jig set up to reverse(flip) the center steering link the correct way the 1st time. If you are not taking the time to make a jig you will never get it right! If you are not taking the time to get a brand new center link from Kragen or who ever your local auto parts store is then you are taking a risk! Mario will not weld up a used center link! he requires you to purchase one brand new and send it to him. After learning more about welding and metal fatigue I can see why! If you call him right now and leave a message and say that you talked to Kevin Neely He has a brand new center link that I purchased extra that he can modify for you. It will cost you 65 bucks for the center link plus what he charges to modify it. Mario is a good source if you are trying to use the Stock 510 X member. The motor sits where it is supposed to sit the first time!
If you want me to connect you, email me off the list at kfneely1@yahoo.com While your at it you may want to look at him doing your Xmember and your tranny mount. He has all the measurements for the driveshaft which he gets from a very reputable drive shaft company. You can also get a radiator from him that is custom fit for the 510 that he gets done at Ron Davis Radiators in AZ. Oh yeah P.S. do not waste your time calling Ron Davis trying to bypass the middleman as he will only sell you one thru Mario because it is Mario's design that he worked closely with Ron Davis on and now Ron Davis makes the radiators for him. In case you do not know who Ron Davis is he makes radiators for ehemm this little organization call NASCAR!

Next company is Datsport: Well what can I say about these Aussies!!! BAZ and CO are great people with a great product! www.datsport.com (http://www.datsport.com) I would go this route right now if I didn't have almost another complete swap from the last car. I basically had everything to complete another swap already so that is the route I went with. There are about 6 Datsport kits in the US right now I know because I personally helped bring them into the country. I know that there are others out there but this was a bulk shipment. I have had the opportunity to look at this kit in detail and I must say that I am very impressed!!! This is by far the best you can get for the money involved and it is a complete install kit! No it does not come with a drive shaft but SO WHAT!!! 3/4 of the battle is getting the motor and tranny in the car correctly! This kit can now be obtained from the US datsport distributor Kevin Mackie at www.kbeam.com (http://www.kbeam.com) here is some of the stuff he is working on...if you use him tell him Kevin Neely sent you. I do not know how much he charges for the kits but you cannot put a price on safety in my opinion.


If you need wiring done and you live in the Sacramento CA area Phil Lee of pro audio is your man! He is currently in the process of opening his new shop in Sacramento and his current business contact # is 209-609-0022 (think that # is right) Call him asap because he needs work and $$$$ to get his new shop off the ground. I am sure that you can send him your harness and he can modify it and send it back to you but don't quote me on that as I am not sure if he would like the car there when he does it.

Lastly, this guy is a self fabricator but I have grown to respect his work in putting his sr510 together.. His Name is Aaron Suchy and he lives in Oregon. This man did everything himself and he also has a jig for the X-member and motormounts you can see pics of his car here:

http://www.datsun510.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&page=7&sort=1&perpage=12&p puser=38&=

or just go to the site and look for the name suchy and check his photos!

Well I am going to say it one more time people...Be safe!!! I know you want to drive your car but I want you around in the future so we can talk about it! Like I said again I am no SR god! I just want everyone to excercise some patients and do it the right way! The SAFE way. I want you all to be around in the future!!! I have seen wayyyyyy tooooo many hack jobs in the last few years since I did my car I would never ride in those cars! I want to live!!!!

Lastly, Tranny mounts: I have heard it before..."I can fab up my own!!!" then I see them a few months down the road wondering why they keep messing up U joints!!! I will tell you why...if you do not have the pinion angle correct when you set this motor in the car you will go thru U joints and eventually Diffs like butter! You are putting undo stress on these parts because the pinion angle is not correct! The folks I have mentioned above have solved this problem already their tranny mounts work with their kits! O.K. I think I have typed enough now and got my point across. Everyone think SAFETY first and BE SAFE!!! I do not want to see you flying down a drag strip and plowing into a wall because you lost your steering! Let alone on a public hwy or street. Keep in mind that you need to be safe for the sake of others as well who have to be on the road with you! That is all for now...stay tuned and Merry X-mas and Happy new year. Keep an eye out for www.510driver.com (http://www.510driver.com) I will resurect this site!! I just got all of the rights to it and the software from the guy that let it fall in the first place.

12-27-2004, 04:23 PM
Good advice ....... Send us all a email when you get 510driver going.

12-28-2004, 03:13 PM
I used to love going on 510driver.com I didnt know you sold your 510 Kevin.

12-30-2004, 02:37 AM
yep sold it in October last year and used the money to buy a house...

12-31-2004, 06:05 AM
Werd up Kevin, get that site back up and running.