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12-26-2004, 07:16 PM
this is going to sound really dumb, but which way does the engine turn when running? lol. I am reasembling the top end of my ka and just installed the uppper timing chain and cams, when I manually rotate the engine via ratched on crank pulley bolt clockwise (viewing from standing in front of car) there seems to be piston on valve interference, but if I rotate it counterclockwise there is no interference. I want to make sure Im not going to bend valves when I fire it up again, I am 100% possitive the upper timing chain and cams are installed properly, as I have checked and rechecked them, but Im wondering if while the head was off the block the lower timing chain could have possibly jumped a tooth or something on one of the sprockets... I really dont want to take the front cover off because that means re-doing the oil pan gasket I just did, and cleaning the surfaces and resealing the front cover...

12-26-2004, 08:18 PM
well shortly after posting this and about 45 minutes after beginning to freak out about the possibility of removing the front cover I figured out what went wrong, so I will answer a few of my own stupid ass questions in the hopes that someone else might benifit. there should be no piston on valve interference no matter which way the engine is cranked, it was as I suspected the idler sprocket (top lower timing chain sprocket) was off not one, but three teeth. I figured this out by looking at a spare block and timing chain I have, I aligned the lower timing chain marks with the marks on the sprockets, I then set cylinder 1 at TDC. If the sprockets are aligned properly, the idler sprocket should always be at the same angle at TDC, so I made sure the spare set was perfectly at TDC, then counted the number of chain links from the drivers side chain guide up to where the alignment mark is on the sprocket. I then went over to my engine and repeated the same thing, setting cylinder one at TDC, then counting the chain links starting at the timing chain guide, sure enough, it was exactly three links off. I re-aligned the timing chain on the sprockets, put on the upper timing chain, and bam, no more piston to valve contact at all. I guess the only way I can be 100% positive that the lower timing chain is aligned properly will be when I attempt to fire it up, but I cant see how this couldnt have worked, for a very small degree change in crank pulley angle it moves a good amount of chain past the top of the chain guide where I measured from, so I am pretty sure it is a precise enough ghetto way of measurement to work http://forums.freshalloy.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif