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TopFuel SR20DET
12-30-2001, 05:40 PM
Ok guys, here's the short version of my story. I have an S13 SR20DET with an upgraded turbo (Top Fuel, similar to the HKS GT 2540), upgraded injectors (480cc), upgraded fuel pump (Z32), and all the basic boltons, downpipe, exhaust, front mount. I also have an Apex SAFC and boost controller. For some reason, the car will not crank when warm (engine). When cold, the car starts fine, but when warm, the injectors are flooding the car out. The only way to get the car to crank is to unplug the injector leads until the car will start, then plug the injectors back in. Once the car is cranked, it runs fine. I've checked the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pressure is fine. Anyone ever have this problem? Could it be the coolant temp sensor or do I need to upgrade my ignition? Thanks for any advice guys.

12-30-2001, 06:17 PM
sounds like your injector pulse is too wide (rich) and need to lean out (with SAFC) does the car smell rich? at idle (cold and hot) are your injectors leaking? (o-rings? ) Too many possibilities.. give us more symptoms and when they happen (is your A/F off the chart?)

let us know!

oh and your water temp sensor will have a BIG influence on your A/F ratio, make sure it is working. Also, are you still using SR20DET MAFS? or moved on to Z32 MAFS?

12-30-2001, 06:54 PM
Im a friensd of Topfuels14 so I will fill in the gaps.........The car has had the problem since and only since the injectors were installed...he is still running the stock maf and we have leaned out the safc to -50% the most it will go...yet it still will not crank without help. The main problem is the safc adjustment starts at 1000rpm and idle is 850rpm...so their is basically no adjustment we can do at idle. We have installed hotter plugs, reduced the gap on the 300z plugs, and advanced the timing, no luck with any of these attempts. The car is running a decent a/f across the rpm band and if anything a lil up top. Its only after constant attempt at cranking does it foul out the plugs. Any help will be appreciated...thanx

12-30-2001, 09:41 PM
What exact fuel pressure r u running? I don't think its coolant temp sensor because it would work the opposite way, what it does is when the car is cold it would add fuel to aid start up, so when it's warm it would take away fuel as it's not needed, and in your case its getting rich when hot.

Are you sure that you have 480cc inj. because I have seen 550cc inj. in a sr20det with no adjustments to the ECU or fuel pressure start when its hot, cold, or warm, it would run rich but it would still start.

I just thought of another thing the car will idle up when its cold adding air to the fuel, you could try adjusting the fuel stop on the throttle body to raise the idle to 1000 rpm and see if it helps.

Check the Fuel pressure, and injector size, or could you of damaged the ECU when the SAFC was installed.