View Full Version : Some other neat Tech features in the new 2006 M.

02-13-2005, 05:34 PM
I got to test drive an M45 yesterday and the car did feel truly incredible.

Some additional neat tech goodies I discovered.

- The rear view monitor has additional dynamic guidance markings beyond those used in the Q45 or QX56. On the Q45 , QX56, and the M there are straight lines on the screen that show exactly where the car is heading with distance markers. Those lines are oriented based on the direction of the body of the car, independent of the orientation of the steering wheel. Theyíre very convenient for controlling the car by looking only at the monitor.

The M goes way beyond that by showing the outline of an additional curved rectangle that shows where the car will be going based on the current arc of the wheels. As you turn the steering wheel (while standing still or moving) that rectangle moves to show you where the car will end up with the steering wheel in its current orientation. The car just about parks itself. Itís unbelievably cool.

- The steering wheel controls allow you to operate the Mís entire menu system. When a menu is on screen, the same controls that would change presets now change the on screen selection. Pressing that toggle in (rather than up/down) chooses the selected entry. Iíve always wanted that on my Q, and it now it works flawlessly on the M.