View Full Version : Changing rear shocks on an M30 Convertible

03-25-2005, 08:52 AM
Some folks already know this but - I was in the dark once - with none but Google to guide me... so I do this for the (M30 Convertible) Googlers out there...

Changing rear shocks on an Infiniti M30 Convertible

Now that you are here - by all means join the Forum...
Also - this work was not performed by yours trully, but instead, a well seasoned mechanic.

To access the rear shocks in the M30 Convertible

1) You must first remove the rear seats.
Removing the bottom seat allows access to the top seat
The top portion of the seat is secured by 4 bolts which are accesible
thru the trunk - the trim and drain tube of the convert. may be in
your way - but it is behind all of that stuff ... and this is the ONLY
reason you need to get into the trunk... you still have to go thru the
back seat area to get to the shocks.

2) After removing the rear seats you will then have access to the Shock
tower cover which is plastic and both back seat-belts retract thru the
holes in it. There are about 9 screws securing it. Once removed your
then able to access the actuator unit, bolts securing the shocks, ect...

If you are doing it yourself - then you should be in familiar territory... if you aren't - then you get some idea of the process and the time that goes into it so you can judge what labor would would/could cost you. Most of the time was spent on Accessibility...those Infiniti guys are somethin' else.
My mechanic charged me $200.00 for labor - I had the shocks and coil springs already. Hope this helps someone looking for answers....