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04-27-2005, 11:27 AM
Oh baby, is it ever on.

We called Beaver Run again just to be sure, and they are down for the cause. So, we bring to you, ladies and gentlemanly-like characters, the Beaver Run Drift Riot 2.

Date: Saturday, October 29th
Place: Beaver Run Motorsports Complex (http://www.beaverun.com) - Wampum, PA
Time: Gates open 7:00AM
Registration/Tech: 7:00AM - 9:00AM (Subject to change)
Driver's Meeting: 9:30AM
Drifting: 10:00AM - ??

Drivers: $115 Pre-Reg, $250 Late/Gate-Reg Click to Pre Register (https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=sales%40dgtrials.com&item_name=10.29.05%2 0Beaver&amount=115)
(Pre-Reg ends Aug. 29 no exceptions!)
Driver Cap: This event has a 50 driver cap. No exceptions!
Spectators: $10

The Competition: Oh is it back, and it is good. You think last year we were nice? This year is NICER.
1st. $250 CASH, Free ACT product (TBD), and more TBD
2nd. $100 CASH, 50% ACT discount voucher (TBD), and more TBD
3rd. $50 CASH, 25% ACT discount voucher (TBD), and more TBD

We plan to add a lot more prizes to the packages, and add some more prizes for some of the lower places. This will be our biggest event of the year, so don't be a weenie. MAKE IT!

The Skinny: This event will be run much the same as last year, with a few changes. We will only be using the West portion of the Wilson Circuit. Running the East track created too many logistical woes and, despite the "apparent" extra track time, we probably really didn't get that much extra.

For advanced drivers and "professionals," we will allow some hot-lapping, similar to last year. Safety is of the utmost importance. If you want to run close/tandem, you better have a cage and a fire suit. If you just want to hot lap, stay away from the other cars, let them pass, etc. If you think you are "advanced," be sure to email me ( erik.jacobs@dgtrials.com ) with your event history and qualifications.

We will be running in the YELLOW area and using the RED area for hot pit and some paddocking. The GREEN area will not be used. Thanks, StanBo, for the colorizing of the image.

The track hasn't changed much from last year. It's still paved with asphalt and still has grass and dirt. Since it costs us money to fix up what we mess up, we're going to be pretty strict about keeping your car on one and not on the other. Or, you could just pay 4-5x your entry fee and drive however you like.

Just kidding.

Competition Format: The competition will start in the afternoon, probably around 3PM or 4PM (depending on Sunset ET). "Qualifying" will take place all day. If you wish to compete, then be sure to drive well all day. There will be no "official" qualifying session. We will pick 16 drivers for the competition, which will be single-driver (non-tandem). You will be given 2 runs each (to help demonstrate consistancy), and the best 8 will be chosen, then 4, and then the top 4 places will be determined.

Car Show: We will be working with Right Coast Cars to have a low-key car show. Details to come, but don't expect HIN. Those guys do that well and we are not gunning for anything.

Hotel: TBD, but it's most likely going to be the Holiday Inn only a short distance from the track. The Connely Inn is great, but you cannot check-in after 11PM, which makes it difficult for many people coming from far away. However, we WILL try to have the Connely move karaoke night to Saturday for us, just for kicks.

Directions: Beaver Run did it best, so why try to reproduce. Check here for directions: http://www.beaverun.com/pdf/DirectionstoBeaveRunMotorSportsComPlex.pdf

Final Words: If you have any questions about the event, about sponsoring the event, about boothing at the event, about bringing your dog to the event, please email me ( erik.jacobs@dgtrials.com ) This event was a blast in 2004, and will be an absolute explosion in 2005. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your friend's mom (we think she's hot).

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