View Full Version : Leaking fuel tank - any suggestions?

05-02-2005, 10:34 PM
Once upon a time, I dropped one of the small 8mm head bolts that hold the S13 fuel pump cover down. I "cleverly" substituted a bolt that had the same size and thread pitch and "approximately" the same length. Well - that "approximately" was about 3-4mm longer and it ended up puncturing the VERY thin metal of the fuel tank. Quickly figure out I've got a fuel leak when cornering left(fuel sloshes to the right around the pump cover area).

So I've put some JB Weld over the area, and it got better, but didn't completely fix it. I took it apart, put in a brand new Nissan fuel pump o-ring(which was too expensive for what it was...), and then put a large amount of "gas tank repair epoxy" over the offending puncture - which still felt like it had plenty of JB Weld over it... I was even so sick of the leak that I put lots of RTV all around the outside of the pump cover.

Well, every once in a while I'll catch a wiff of raw gas - too much to be coming from my exhaust. Had my friend ride in the hatch(boy did he complain a lot... heh) with the in-car tank cover off and he said that gas was basically leaking from the whole perimeter of the pump cover when cornering/accelerating/braking. It's not a huge leak, but it's definitely a constant one.

Given how it's leaking, and how many times I've patched up the puncture I created, I'm thinking it's just plain leaking past the o-ring or something else. I'm kind of at a loss now, and am pretty close to just getting a new tank and throwing that in - but even for a used one they're not exactly cheap($100+, and I'd probably have to get it shipped or use $30 in gas and a whole day to pick up one - not fun...).

For obvious reasons I want to get this fixed ASAP. Any suggestions? Am I missing something in how the tank is constructed? Could it be leaking from some other place that's not related to the puncture?

05-02-2005, 11:54 PM
Hmm i to would like a resolution to this aswell. If I remember correctly JOehack had the same problem but had to swap thw whole thing, which i hear is far more of a feat on the S14.

After being towed by possibly the most inept, and inadequete indivuals on the face of this earth, I have a horribly dented gas tank. I'm just wondering should i have a leak if i can make use of a more quick solution, and later assess adequetly. My understanding is that it is actually plastic, and not metal. I do not recall where i heard this, so please correct me if i'm in fact wrong.

05-03-2005, 08:22 AM
S14 tanks are plastic, S13s are metal.

Jacob- I'd at least drop the tank and thoroughly insepct it, JBWeld should have done the job if the area was clean and dry but you never know, and there could be other damage you're not aware of either, from road debris or a previous owner. Worst case scenario is to replace it, but you'll already have it out anwyay, and the 13 tank is way easier to drop than a 14. I've got one if you need it.

05-03-2005, 09:47 AM
I've checked the puncture with a mirror, and it looked fine to me from the JB Weld repair. Then I put some gas tank epoxy on it just to be sure, and still more leaks.

I'm starting to think the darn o-ring isn't seealing or something. My friend said it was basically coming out of the WHOLE pump cover(and the puncture is in the very back one).

Russ, I'm going to shoot you an email.