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05-17-2005, 08:07 PM
Okay fellas, ive been searching and so far i cant find anyone who has tried it. So my question to all you 510 gurus, do you think i can swap over any of the suspension/brakes from my 1989 Nissan 240sx? I have:

300ZX Brakes
SS Braided lines
JIC Coilovers
S14 5 lug swap
S14 Rear Calipers

Basically anything? I have an entire 240SX with the SR20DET at my disposal. I can strip the car if need be, but i was wondering if there is anything i can swap over from my car, even other than brakes/suspension that will work on the 1600 chassis? Otherwise i will just part my car out and buy all DatSport stuff. The reason i ask is that DatSport's front suspension and brake upgrade is $2000!! This is only with Z31 brakes. So why cant i just use my Z32? I feel really dumb for asking this stuff, but everywhere i look it seems everyone just uses 280Z parts. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.


05-19-2005, 12:25 AM
The datsport kit I beleive uses an alluminum 4 piston that is not a z31. The 240sx suspension, especially the rear, will need to be fabricated. I can see the fronts being fabricated to work, but the rears would take a lot of work.
Having a lighter strut would be nice, the assembly is pretty heavy. I would go for the datsport sr20 kit. I got disc brake brackets from Aaron Suchy rear disc brake bracket, you can choose between a 200sx caliper, maxima, or willwood 2 pistons for the rears. There are a couple Nissan front struts that are shorter and have bigger vented brakes.