View Full Version : KA24DE Swap - Part combos?

07-28-2005, 03:53 PM
I am fitting a KA24DE into a 1974 Opel Manta which is similar in layout to the 510, and I would think we would have similar issues.

Since you guys have done the swap before I was wondering a few things.

One the stock 510 tranny looks to be much shorter than the KA Tranny. Is there a 5 speed that fits the KA24DE but it shorter or at least has the shifter come up through the floor closer to the engine? In one place I found something refeering to a Z-speed? Is that from a 260Z or something?

Did you have to stick to 240 SX parts? Or could you use Altima/Pathfinder parts for things like the ECU, wiring harness, AirFlow Metere, Air Temp sensor, etc..

What mods did you do to the computer, wiring harness to clean it up and get rid of some of the emissions stuff.

How much HP is gained by removing the ECU and other items, along with the power steering pump.

Also does the rear sump oil pan from a truck fit a KA24DE, because I need the sump to be rear mounted and prefer to go with stock parts than custom ones.