View Full Version : E-manage problem

09-19-2005, 12:43 PM
Ok hopefully i can explain this problem without confusing anyone including myself......

Basically i installed e-manage on my friends car which is a s13 SR into a s14 chasiss. Z32 MAF/550cc injectors/greddy turbo upgrade. Now with the emanaged connected the car won't rev (not typical 2.5k maf error) it just doesn't rev high without slightly pumping the gas. ECU throws a MAF code though, but on the emanage i have the switches at 401 (as supposed to 407 for stock sr maf, hw-8).

Now the real strange part is that that emanage works perfectly fine on my own car (z32 maf/740cc injectors). Another thing that makes me stratch my head even more is that the fact that when i connect a SAFC (to the same wires the emanage uses) it runs perfectly fine (no CEL). I've checked the wiring a bunch of times and i know for a fact its wired correctly, what the hell else could it be??

Bad emanage? but then it wouldn't make sense for the unit to work in my own car perfectly fine.

Bad ecu? that doesn't explain why it runs fine with safc.

help me out guys this car has been kick'n my ass for a few weeks now, so any input would be appreciated.



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