View Full Version : S15 to s13 spark issues

11-15-2005, 02:55 AM
Hey guys, Just finished the car and tried to start it, but there is no spark. The fuel is there, the CAS is on point, but almost no spark. I have to turn off the lights to see something that looks like a spark every 5-8 seconds, it is barely visible in the dark. That made me believe it was a ground, but the two coil pack grounds are grounded. My friend that did the harness brought a multi meter and checked voltage to the coil pack harness. It registered 3.3volts, which is about 1/4 of what it should be. He switched some wires around and it had 12volts, but no spark. That makes me believe it is a lack of signal of some sort. I looked up the reasons for no spark and the one that most people say is the battery tray plug (red/blue wire on an s13 sr, but this is an s15). When I questioned his wiring on the plug he said it was fine. But it did not make sense to me, so I took the harness out, took off the electric tape and looked at it. He has used three wires for the plug: Black/red, black/white, red. I know black and white goes to the black and white, but when I looked at the harness it looks as if he mixed them up, he wired a brown wire to the black/white, and black/white to the red wire, and a black/red to a black/red. Since he extended the brown to black/white, and the black/white to red, with the same colored wire he got them confused. When I told them he mixed them up, he said both the brown wire and black and white, are both constant 12v powers wires, so it does not matter if you mix them up. So I am asking if any one knows the s15 to s13 harness, or if my friend has wired up the battery tray plug correctly. I can take pictures if needed, thanks in advance.