View Full Version : Need Help with remote starting for '02 G20

12-10-2005, 10:49 AM
<font color="brown[/img] </font> <font color="green[/img] </font> Greetings, We just purchased a Sport G20 and discovered that it has remote starting features. The 2nd owner who we purchased the car from was not aware of this feature. The car will start without the key if you move the door lock switch upwards 2x's after entering the vehicle. I was able to also start the vehicle with the remote by pushing the unlock button 2x's; but I have not been able to duplicate this since. We contacted Infiniti and they stated that '02 G20's did not have an option for remote starting. The remote appears to be the original from Infiniti. If anyone could show us how to work these features, it would be a big help. Thank You <font color="brown[/img] </font> <font color="green[/img] </font> <font color="green[/img] </font> <font color="green[/img] </font>