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01-28-2002, 10:38 AM
I recently put in a stock 240sx clutch into my car, and when I first put it in, it engaged right at the floor.

The new pressure plate made my master cylinder leak, so I rebuilt it, and then that made my slave cylinder leak, so I rebuilt that as well. This time, I bled it, and it engaged right at the very top. This is ok, I could get used to it, but I kind of think that it might be running the throwout bearing against the clutch when it has no play in the hydraulics. I don't think it's a problem with the freeplay adjustment on the pedal, I already tried that yesterday. I could give it tons of freeplay, but as soon as it pushes on the master cylinder it's moving the clutch. It doesn't seem normal, and I would rather it engaged about halfway down or something.. Any ideas? Where do your guys' clutches engage at?

Another reason I'm thinking it might not be completely releasing the clutch is it almost doesn't seem like it's biting as much as my stock clutch when I first got my car with 130,000 miles on it.. just because I used to occasionally squeek the tires going into second, and I haven't been able to since I put in the new clutch. It still clamps 100 times harder than when that clutch started slipping though..

01-28-2002, 11:34 AM
On the adjustment that's for freeplay, if I wanted the pedal to engage halfway down would I actually want it adjusted so it isn't pushing on the hydraulic system until it's halfway down? Because it says freeplay should only be a few mms...

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