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01-27-2006, 02:43 AM
We all know that process of setting your mind on saving up hard earned cash for _____ (performance part fill in the blank). Months/years later, anticipation builds as you start the engine and get ready to roll out of the driveway to test out the newly installed intake/exhaust/chip/forced-induction kit....etc. Light hits green, full throttle, and that rotten feeling eats you alive: your car feels slower.

MODZ is the series that gives respect or calls the bluffs on performance. We are out to shake the foundations of the industry through a simple formula:

(1) Take a stock car: dyno test and run 1/8 mi on the drag strip
(2) Install the selected product of the show on the same car: run the same 2 tests
(3) Compare it to the advertised claim of the manufacturer: if the results are what the claim is, MODZ gives respect to the companies that stand behind their products! BUTů if the dyno and 1/8 mi time falls below what the claims are, we state it plain and simple: bull

This is a show for the automotive community based on FACTS with one of our lovely models as the host. We are promoting a positive message of keeping racing off the streets by working with police departments at the drag strips. Its hunting season on the companies that have lost touch with their consumers for whatever reason they may claim. (if you are one of them, no bribes will be accepted) Its time to give back to the community

(within the next few weeks, name will change to 360pump.com)
Car: '05 G35 Coupe
Location: Southern California
5Zigen USA
Irwindale Police Department
Irwindale Track
Maloof Racing Engines
Mitsu's Garage

This is our first episode; MODZ is in no way limited to any car: we will be out to test performance on imports/domestic/euro and bikes. Spread the word!

some pics from the shoot:

01-27-2006, 08:08 AM
wow - those pics are huge - interesting video though