View Full Version : overheating

02-02-2002, 03:30 PM
car gave me a scare today, i was hoping to get some input on this. this is a 90 SOHC and i just recently did a chain job which is why i'm nervous, there was some coolant crud on the oil cap when i first drove it around and it needed a few refills of coolant but now it seems to not be losing any. it stays at good temperature while i'm driving around and it took a 160 mile trip without any problems. i have an electric fan but it's never overheated even in the summer.

today, i was sitting outside a store with the engine idling, this must've been for like 10-15 minutes, waiting for someone. the temp was fine for the whole time but i heard a faint running liquid gurgling type of noise. i think it got louder when i turned up the fan. then i move the car into a spot and i notice that the idle is a bit too high, then look over at the temp gauge and it's 2/3 of the way up. i shut off the car, pop the hood, there's still no coolant crud on the oil cap, the reservoir level is on high (it's usually in between). i took off the radiator cap in a few minutes, some steam came out but nothing serious, i couldnt' see too well because it was dark but it took minimal coolant if any, maybe like a shotglass worth or two if any.

does this sound like a sign of anything specific being wrong or could it just be air pockets in the system or something to that effect? i drove the car home after this and it didnt give me any trouble.