View Full Version : what's the BEST cold air intake for the $$ - G20 ?

03-12-2006, 11:33 PM
I've done a bit of reading, but can't seem to find a great intake for the G20's - I have a '94 touring, completely stock with 60k miles, and would like to ditch the stock airbox for a Weapon R secret weapon, or an Injen, or the like.
One thing that concerns me is it seems not many manufacturers build them for the G20?
Also, Weapon R's description says: "Intake Pipe is NOT needed for the Weapon R Air Flow Meter"....????? Is that true? It will adapt straight on to the plastic air tube (OEM)?
Here's the one in question:

If anyone has some suggestions, or has a great solution they're using, PLEASE let me know.
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