View Full Version : Classifieds Rules!!**updated**

04-23-2006, 06:54 PM
1) Please DO NOT NEGOTIATE PRICES IN THIS FORUM. Take all negotiations off-board, to email, AIM, phone, whatever. It is not appropriate to haggle with a buyer in his or her thread.
But you MAY POST QUESTIONS about the item in the thread.


Please list as much info about the item as possible, including PRICE, desciption, condition and pictures if possible.
Please post an email address so a buyer can contact you in private if nessesary. If you are offering to ship the item, POST YOUR LOCATION and the approx. weight so any potential buyer can figure shipping cost.
Its usually best to post a phone number as well.

4) If you don't like an item or its price, DON'T POST. It does not matter that it may have been cheaper somewhere else at some other time, this is a free-market society and that means anyone can sell their stuff for however much they can get for it.

5) No thread Hi-jacking--"I have one of these too and mine is cheaper" If you have something to sell, start your own thread.

6) Do not post negative comments about an item or seller, unless you suspect an actual scam taking place.
It is not fair to the seller or the members inquiring on the item.

7) No linking to other sites. If you wish to post an ad, please take the time to post the info here.

8)Bumping: You can bump your thread back to the top every 5 days if you wish to do so. There is no need to bump before then because your thread will still be on the first 3 pages and people do look there as much as the first page. If you bump your thread before 5 days, it may be locked.

9) All inactive threads will be locked after 60 days. If your vehicle is still for sale, please contact a Classifieds moderator to re-open your thread and bump it to keep it current.

9) NO COMMERCIAL POSTING OF ANY KIND!! If you are a business or associated with one in ANY WAY and want to sell on here, please email palmerwmd@yahoo.com and he will provide you with information on becoming a Freshalloy sponsor / advertiser.

Thank You for your cooperation in following these rules and making our classifieds forum a respectful, convenient way to buy and sell anything Nissan/Infiniti.

The Moderators and Administrators will edit or remove any posts that do not follow these rules.