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05-30-2006, 11:11 AM
89' 240SX w/ J4 Blacktop (Engine runs nicely, everything works for the most part). 240SX SOHC Cluster.

I am running no HVAC control unit or radio. I used the blue radio power to apply power to my Greddy warning gages and ground the wiring to the chassis directly. The remainder of the wiring is not being used (stereo, HVAC, etc.) The Greddy gages work properly.

Now on the instrumentation wiring I took the male 240SX plug (white) along with a pigtail. I wired them color to color with the wiring from the ECU (because the J4 ecu has a non-S13 instrument plug). I verified that the yellow / red lined up correctly on the 240SX plug and plugged it in. The coolant temp sensor works properly, but I am getting irradic operation from the cluster. If I rev the engine above say 3500 or so RPM the needles (all of them) jump a bit (3-4mm). If I depress the brake pedal I get a flickering clock (on / off backlighting, the clock does not display a time).

I know most people tend to go the DOHC cluster route but I can't remember why, as I had an S14 before this. I had the same setup I am running now work on a CA18DET swap into the same model year 240SX, so I'm kind of stumped.

Can anyone give me any ideas? I'm sure it's something simple but you know how it goes when you try to fix your own issues.

05-31-2006, 10:21 AM
Most people use the DOHC cluster because the SR requires the use of the DE tach - the SOHC tach won't work.

Otherwise, on you dash harness pigtail from your engine harness, the important thing is to match wire colors. If that's already the case, then you've got something else eff'ed up.

05-31-2006, 03:35 PM
Get a DOHC cluster or just take the "tach" portion out of one from the junkyard... the SOHC tach just can't read the DOHC signal...