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07-10-2006, 10:01 PM
FreshAlloy members!

Be featured in the premiere issue of Nissan Sport Magazine!

FreshAlloy and Nissan Sport magazine have teamed up to find the best Nissans, Infinitis, and Datsuns in the world!

Submit your ride--with pictures, a write-up, and why you feel your vehicle is truly special to me at palmerwmd@yahoo.com and cc the editor of Nissan Sport:editor@nissansportmag.com.

Be SURE to include high-resolution pictures
(2-4) and a mod list and your Freshalloy Screename too.

Deadline for submission is only 10 days away, 20 July 2006!

The FreshAlloy and Nissan Sport team, will then determine a select group of 20 finalists for the FreshAlloy Member's Choice Award (spanning a number of models).

All top 20 vehicles selected will receive a free one-year
subscription to Nissan Sport, an all new, all-Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun
magazine brought to you by the former staff of Sport Z The premiere
issue comes this September.

Visit www.nissansportmag.com (http://www.nissansportmag.com) for more details
(and info on how to order) and don't miss FreshAlloy's exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with the magazine's managing editor:

Now here's the best part.

The 20 finalists will go head-to-head in a FreshAlloy poll ,with the top vote-getting vehicle being announced in the premiere issue of Nissan Sport magazine, with a full-page story, pics, mods, details, the works.

All 20 FreshAlloy finalists also will also be considered for future features.

Since FreshAlloy members have some of the hottest rides on the roads,
including one that is the cover car of the inaugural Fall 2006 issue of Nissan Sport, we expect to see some great cars and trucks!

Note: your vehicle *may* be purposely held by the Nissan Sport staff for a future (perhaps cover) feature.

So if your vehicle is not a finalist, it doesn't mean it wasn't worthy.

Good luck. Have fun filling our mailboxes.

Your FreshAlloy Team :auto: