View Full Version : FS: (2 CARS) 87 RX-7 and 92 RHD 240 with SR

08-02-2006, 12:31 PM
So i am getting outta cars and going back to school.

These are in Northern NJ

87 Mazda RX-7 Red in color
Series 5 13b swap.
Rats nest removed
airpump gone.
Premix fuel
interior is descent, some tears and broken plastic but not bad.
exterior needs some buffing. I started on the one side but never finished.
NO RUST!!! rear pass quater hit lightly.
Turbo 2 hood.

Im looking 800 for it but i may be able to do something. It runs but not that great so it is sold as a needs work car.

Then the 240

92 Nissan 240sx maroon.
Blacktop SR
MLS headgasket, HKS wastegate actuator, Rocker arm stoppers and i dont know what else it had from when i got it shipped.
Car converted to RHD from a 180sx clip that i got. Everything works, digital climate control and what not. Mirrors i never finished wiring up but they are on the car and have the switch too.
Car has a welded diff in it, has an 89 frontend on it but i have the 92 bumper still.
180sx brakes
Spec Stage 3 clutch
Apexi N1 Duals
Megan O2 housing
Blitx DB
Test pipe
Custom FMIC with Greddy TypeS
Also all sound deadening was removed and carpet never put in so it needs it...
I know theres more but i have to think about it...

Car is in very good shape i think. exterior could use paint. some minor scratches and stuff on it from when i got it. yeah best thing is show me interest and ill get you more pics.

Price, Id like to see $7000 for it but make me offers and ill see what i can do. the pic of the int is old and i dont think the OMP seat and Momo wheel are gonna stay in it... I have stock stuff.. and I was also going to Rhinoline the int but never got around to it. but i may do it soon still.

08-16-2006, 11:04 AM
What model RX-7? 5 lug wheels? 4 piston front brakes? Pics?