View Full Version : Shocks and spring or coilovers

02-15-2002, 07:14 PM
Ok guys,

i know ive posted this up before but i want to get to the bottom line on this cause ive decided to go with a coilover setup like ground control with koni yellows on my 95 s14. I called ground control today and they said it would be a perfect combo. if u do the math ur looking at $400(GC coilovers) + $550(shocks) for a combined subtotal of $950. on the other hand, i was offered $860 for the Apex world sport by enjuku...hopefully he still has it in stock. whats the better route for the $$$? this is what i use the car for: daily driver, later planning on turbocharging, maybe sometime this summer, never auto x-ed before but planning to start and no more than a few times a year.For the $$$ and ride comfortability would setup 1 (shocks and coilovers) be good for me or setup 2 (Apex WS)

i already realized that with a bit more money, i can get 1 which will give me adjustable shocks to adjust ride comfortability. setup 2 will only give me a whole coilover system with no dampening effect. Feedback is appreciated.

emad 95 240sx