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02-17-2002, 07:09 PM
I was wondering if anyone tries to or does insure there mods. I am about to get in my sr20 and was wondering if i should consider insuraning some of my parts (ie intercooler,body kit...etc) if i could since it is pretty pricey to replace stuff. if anyone knows how they deal with this kind of stuff and if they charge up the wazzoooo to insure it

02-17-2002, 07:18 PM
its funny you brought this up cause i was thinking about insuring my future rims.

i am thinking about getting 18x7.5 volk racing tires. i talked to the insurance lady for Geico(they really **** you, dont recommend geico over here) and she asked me how much the rims were worth so i told her approximately $2500 w/tires and she gives me a choice of deductibles: $50,$100,$250,$500,$1000. i tell her $500 and she calculates it.(currently i am paying $100/month for liability with one point on my record). she says,"with a $500 deductible sir, that will raise your monthly premium to $167.." i say screw that!! i am only concerned about theft and want to be covered. Do the math: $67 a month extra for the wheels w/tires, thats $804 extra a year with a $500 deductible if they do get damaged or stolen. The thing is, you may two years without anything happening to them and you woulda spent more than $1600 just for wheel insurance!!!! And right after you cancel that plan, something happens to them. Is it worth it? I think i will rethink about my rim choices http://www.freshalloy.com/ .

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02-17-2002, 07:19 PM
I will not tell the insurance company specifically what mods you have (might get you cancelled, especially a motor swap). However I think you can add a specific amount of coverage... so you can declare your vehicle at a certain amount like $25000 regaurdless of the book value. You will of course have to pay a higher rate. If they ask why just tell them you have custom body work and a custom stereo system in it... basically all the stuff they dont care about and they know wont make you speed and race.

02-17-2002, 07:23 PM
have you ever seen "Down to Earth" with Chris Rock? he makes an excellent point about insurance. it SHOULD be called "incase****"! for in case **** happens...

02-17-2002, 07:41 PM
Insure it as long as it's legit. If you buy an SR then get a receipt. Progressive charges an extra $1000 for the year covering all aftermarket products. Just when you buy them, make a copy of the receipt, give the insurance company a copy and file the original in a safe place. Remember, it's also covered incase of an accident in which a rim or exhaust are damaged.

02-17-2002, 09:52 PM
I got a State Farm agent and I drilled him with all these questions. I told him that I want full coverage. I mean if I hit a damn Mercedes on the freeway I want no worries. I also told him that I want a plan that would cover any mods that I made on my car. I told him about the sr swap. He was cool with all of it. His advice to me was just keep my receipts for everything. If I got in a accident or something, all I would need to do is just show him receipts for the things that I was claiming.

Well I got into an accident about 4 months ago. State Farm paid for my after market wheels which were $700 each and all of the body damage. The total came out to $3,500. All I had to do was show them a receipt for my wheels and pay my $500 deductable to get my car repaired.

Here are my rates. I have an 89 240sx and full coverage is $120. This is included with my home renters insurance. I know this may seem high but I think that it is worth the piece of mind knowing that I could getting anything replaced if needed.


Reggie Wynn

02-17-2002, 10:13 PM
Great forum topic I had always had this in the back of my head. I too have Geico and they are tough people to deal with. Please post as much info as anyone has. I am looking to get rims and other mods soon and wondered about insuring my stuff.

02-18-2002, 01:02 PM
would you even be able to insure your car for street use if you tell them you have an sr20? That engine is illegal in any state unless you pay out the thousands to modify it and have it licensed by the EPA and DOT...probably better to just go with the "insure my car for this amount" approach rather than "hey, I've got an expensive illegal japanese motor in my car I want to insure" path.

02-18-2002, 01:15 PM
I've got GEICO and have had one claim (broken window, stolen stereo and related interior damage = $1800). I thought they were excellent in handling the claim (no receipts, but they gave a fair amount for what really was a decent CD player... 2 years ago). Of course, I've heard so many horror stories, but at $104/mo for comp/coll w/ $250 ded and 100/300 coverage I couldn't pass it up.

For those with a swap, BEWARE! Not telling your ins. co. about it is a material misrepresentation or omission that *could* get you dropped if they pursued it. It would suck to have a big hairy accident and get no coverage! I will definately be doing my legal homework on this before doing any swaping or boosting.

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02-18-2002, 01:28 PM
What if you buy your wheels used? Then you won't have any receipt and will the insurance company pays for that?

02-18-2002, 02:34 PM
i, too have thought about this, and i have some questions, some theories, and some questions relating to my theories...

If this is possible, this is what i would do: Cover everything thta is at high risk of damage in an accident. For example, expensive rims, maybe a body kit. Not a wing, racing seats, steering wheel, rollcage, or even the engine. This is my theory: If you get into an accident bad enough that your sr20det is totalled, you will be too, same w/ the seats...only way to lose them is if they burn (happen to my friend) but even then, you are lucky to be alive. If they claim your car is totalled, and want to salvage it, pull the engine, and tell them the car they covered is w/ a KA24de, not an SR, so you have right to keep it. As for a body kit...claim the front bumper...your sideskirts should not be hurt during most accidents. Also, though, if your deductible is $1000, what mod on your car is worth that much? If this is your deductible, eve if it is insured, you will most likely be buying a new body kit, b/c what kit costs that much over $1000?

And it would be a horrific accident if your WHOLE body kit was wasted...

i mean personally, i would probably just cover some volk rims if i had them, and i dunno...not much else, i have no system, maybe my front bumper if it is a hard to comeby type-x kit, but everything else SHOULD be fine in most accidents...but hey thats just my stupid theories...

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02-18-2002, 03:59 PM
Not a bad theory. That is good for accidents but theft is also just as big a problem. Definately insure the rims and front bumper of a body kit. As far as the engine can you just insure a turbo? Those cost so much it might be easier to get another engine than getting a whole new turbo setup. About the SR20DET being illegal, why is that? Here in Florida we have no immisions is that why it's illegal?

02-18-2002, 04:12 PM
Originally posted by MiamiGrinch240:
About the SR20DET being illegal, why is that? Here in Florida we have no immisions is that why it's illegal?<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial[/img]SR20DET's are illegal to use on public highways because the engine was never certified by the DOT and EPA.


02-18-2002, 04:49 PM
See this is why I'm lucky to be a Canadian. Here the insurance companies are none the wiser. I just get an apprasal for 100 bucks they look at the receipts, and say your car is worth X dollars then the insurance company charges you for the value. But they do ask what the HP is. But they don't know the difference between whp, bhp...muuhahaha. But only certain insurance companies can do the appraisal method.

02-18-2002, 05:33 PM
a friend wrote off his 91 supra, and they wouldnt pay for his aftermarket wheels cause he bought them used. luckily the guy allowed him to *sneak* in and swap his wheels for some old steelies.

i talked to my agent about aftermarket stuff, and she said i needed no extra insurance (stereo requires more), and as long as i have receipts i get the value of car + parts - deprecation.