View Full Version : Car light come on but start no work help.

11-10-2006, 03:03 AM
Hello, yall, i havea sr20det s13 blacktop,

I removed the engine and reinstalled it.

Pluged in all the wires and some grounds Im postive i placed all the grounds, only one that I was uncertain of was the one that connects to the negative batter termanil to the body and then to the engine, i placed that one on the intake manifold near the TB.

When i put the key in the igniton and put it in the on postions the dash lights are very dim and I hear a ticking noise near the battery, My alarm system would go on when i would flip my headlight switch. When i press in the clutch and try to start the car there is no crank of the starter the lights just get dimmer.

Has anyone experince a problem like this before?

Any help our advice on this topic would be very great. Thanks