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02-11-2007, 09:19 PM
Hey guys I have been trolling around here for a week or two gathering information on my next SR20 build, I have used my mechanic but his broken English and my broken Japanese we run into barriers every once in a while. He says one thing and I say another so… If you would please give me some suggestions and opinions I would be grateful. I won’t change mechanics since I have gone to him for the better part of 3 years, he is a competent tuner that has produced some amazing builds that never had a problem (Minus the driver) also the discounts that I get on parts are really nice. Besides money is not really the problem as the engine build will take course over the several months with the goal of it being swapped in and tuned by September or October when I get back from Iraq. (Rephrased) I am mostly a grip racer who participates on the track (Highland Park Sendai anyone?), but do parking lot drifting/track drifting every once in a while.

Current Setup
95 180sx/S13 Blacktop
HKS GT2530 (Running 1.2 Bar)
550cc Injectors
MAF Less
Oil Cooler
HKS Hypermax II
Cusco 2Way LSD

Future Setup – 400-425whp Range it can fall in-between at 412.5whp for all I care.
S13 Redtop picking up from friend
Cylinder Bored 91mm (I know people have made 400whp+ on stock internal, but I want to some extra insurance for the abuse)
CP 91mm Pistons
HKS Sleeves
Eagle Rods (I have heard good and bad news about these rods anyone else have a suggestion?)
750cc injectors
Front Mount Intercooler
Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams (Any suggestions?)
Brian Crower Valve Spring Retainer kit (Goal is safe 7500-8000 + a few hundred rpm)
ARP Head Suds / Bolts
Apexi Head Gasket (Any suggestion?)
Radiator (Suggestion?)

(Edited Turbine Vote Removed)
Turbine selection… This is where see many different options. I am leaning towards codyace build choice (http://forums.freshalloy.com/showthread.php?t=158176)
The GT2871r .64 looks good and responsive and makes 300+ torque just shy of 4k+ rpm, is this avaliable in a top mount?

Now the Pics!

What isn’t shown is the AEM 6.1 Wideband Meter (Most of these gauges I traded for my STI seats from the Subaru)