View Full Version : where else I can find this ?

03-08-2002, 11:56 AM
Hey guys,

past couple of weeks I was suffering getting stuck at the parking lot. My car wont' crank,(starter wont' even turn), so I have my starter replace, new battery, and even a new clutch neutral saftety switch($27 for that sucker).. and now still, my car won't crank no matter now hard I tried.
Do you think it is my ignition switch(the one that you turn with your key)?? if so where can I find them at? I asked for it at the auto parts store, but they told me to go with the dealer. So any suggestion? Where else I can find it at? The nissan dealer ripped me off more than 450 bucks just from past 2 weeks.. I feel furstated.. so would someone please help me out.
Thank you.