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03-25-2007, 08:55 PM
So I bought an impul 260km/hr speedo for an s13 about half a year ago off ebay. In that timeframe I got married, went on a three month honey moon, stored the car for winter, etc...

I finally got around to installing the speedo about a week ago... what happened to my horror was that the speedo itself didn't work.

Anyways I was lazy to take it out since, and what I did was just leave it. What was happening was that the speedo jumped to the first needle point (10km before the bigger jump to 20km) and then just be stuck there and ocassionally bump down to 0 as I'm driving but when I'm at a stop jump to that first 10km line.

Anyways today I took it out and gave it to my father to inspect. He found out that the needle was slightly on an off angle.. in other words if you blow on the needle it was going hard, so he said it was mechanical. I assumed first it was something electronicly related, like a capacitor or resistor, I wouldn't know. Half an hour later, he managed to fix that by luck although the chances were so slim. So now when it's blown on it rotates fine. The speedo was shook around as well to test if the needle is going to sink in or anything like that, and well, it's fine now. It blows normally and falls back down on it's own.

I put it back in the car and what happens? As soon as I crank the car OR turn the key to give the car battery power... the needle jumps to the 20km line and stays there.

I took it out for a spin, and what hapens? Well first it stays there, then it kind of reduces itself and eventually as I really drive, it reduces itself to 0. When I come to a stop it goes back to the 20km/hr.

This is gay.. I don't want to go back to a standard 180km/hr speedo after having this in the car for the last 3 weeks or so lol... plus it was money spent...

I want to fix it/get it fixed... what's up... help me out people...

03-26-2007, 09:28 PM
Anyone? I emailed impul-usa but I got no response yet from them... I suppose I should email impul-japan? :(

03-26-2007, 09:45 PM
Yea my Speedo is broke to!
Sorry I had to!