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03-10-2002, 07:13 PM
Lose. B18C1 in a 97 Civic EX, I/H/E/cam on slicks----> 13.9@99, + bolt-on T3/T04B kit @11psi, clutch, 440cc injectors, stock internals on slicks----> 11.8@117 at Englishtown

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03-10-2002, 08:43 PM
Oh well, you might lose. So what! Get an SR20DET. Then you spank his a*s. http://www.freshalloy.com/

Plenty of sr's running low 13's on this forum. With exhaust, downpipe, i/c, and turning up the boost(around 13psi). Then, smoke a Civic hatch with B18C1 or B18C5. I SMOKED a '91 Civic hatch with B16A 2nd gen. He had I/H/E/ cams, FRP, clutch and LSD.

240 not a good drag car? I beg to differ. I think it's a pretty good drag car. Rear wheel drive, light and if you've got a turbo. It's on.

I think this post might get moved to the road kill section. http://www.freshalloy.com/

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03-10-2002, 08:59 PM
Hmmm... the civic you are comparing is naturaly aspirated, as compared to a turbo 240. Just a thought.

03-10-2002, 09:09 PM
Yeah, I know. But "they" have the vtec. 240's don't. That's a big difference. Life's not fair.

03-10-2002, 09:13 PM
Originally posted by nismos13silvia:
blah blah blah... Life's not fair.<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial[/img]want to run your turbo 240 against my turbo civic? http://www.freshalloy.com/

03-10-2002, 09:42 PM
We can do that. http://www.freshalloy.com/

Aren't you in the wrong forum? Just wondering. Don't want to hate. Unless you own a 240 also. Think, wouldn't you at least rag on someone a little if they were in the wrong forum. But then again, I don't want to get into this kind of talk. It's not good for the forum. http://www.freshalloy.com/

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03-10-2002, 09:58 PM
I have a 1997 240SX SE, also picking up a 1991 fastback next Sunday, now can i play? http://www.freshalloy.com/

03-10-2002, 10:03 PM
Even with an SR you won't be able to smoke him, maybe not beat him. You'll need FMIC,upgraded fuel, high boost, full exhaust, and good grip.

03-10-2002, 10:28 PM
dragging is ghey
*flame shield up*
i bet i could pwn you guys for less than your car cost.. i'd just buy a big block

my opinion is to use the car for what is does best. S chassis? drifting, auto-xing, touge, etc
honda? daily drive, get good gas mileage.
oh yeah.. FF cars are ghey too.. http://www.freshalloy.com/
Anyway.. the 240 would be pwned by the civic.. it's all in the power/weight ratio

03-11-2002, 12:26 AM
my friend wanna challenge me with his 1.8 civ hatch, he got intake and a muffler. i have a 91 with CAI/H/E pulley, clutch. what do you think?

03-11-2002, 12:32 AM
is the 1.8 a gs-r motor or an LS motor? I think you can take him. The launch for sure, if his is a gs-r he'll maybe get you in 3rd gear but if it's a non-vtec i say you can beat him.

03-11-2002, 12:37 AM
let just assume its a Gsr motor... you think ur car can run mid-high 14s?? think about it and the answer will come...


03-11-2002, 12:41 AM
let just assume its a Gsr motor... you think ur car can run mid-high 14s?? think about it and the answer will come...<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial[/img]i ran 15.2 with street tires and stock rims.
if i took some weight off, i could run mid-high 14

03-11-2002, 12:47 AM
You are gonna lose in this race. Hybrid Civics are hard to beat in a drag race with a 240SX with your modifications. You probably get them off the line for like a second, then the Civic will do a VTEC catch up in second gear and pass you by in third gear. End of race. Don't get me wrong, I love my 240SX but drag racing is not one of it's strong point. My friend has a 92 Civic SI/B16A Hatchback and spanks me on the quarter mile everytime we drag race. Then we switch cars and I end up winning . . . And he has all the same mods I have (CAI/H/E/Pulley/Clutch) That's all going to change once I get my turbo installed this summer.

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03-11-2002, 12:51 AM
You still haven't told us if it's a GSR or LS motor. What year and trim hatch is his civic? I think you will need some FI to win.

03-11-2002, 09:18 AM
O.K. You can play. Just didn't know by your screen name. http://www.freshalloy.com/

Yeah, 240 should be a good auto-xer. I'm going to find that out this year.

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