View Full Version : HID's or any headlamp upgrade for zenki's

06-13-2007, 10:42 AM
I have a 96 Zenki, with faded plastic headlight covers. I spent the better part of a day cleaning them and even though they look physically better. there is still some haze. So then I was thinking of getting Euro glass lights and either doing a bulb upgrade or HID conversion. problem is, no one seems to make HID kits for Zenki's that I have found so far, probably due o he fact that they dont have projectors.

my beam now is weak. what are my options, other than upgrading to a Kouki front end? should I just get euro Glass lights and run a hyper white bulb. or is there an HID kit out there that I just havent seen?

06-13-2007, 11:14 AM
Aside from going with FInal Konexxion clear (non-fluted) lenses and retrofitting some OEM HID parts from another car into your S14 housings, there aren't many options. Any "kit" that just places a HID bulb in the location of the stock bulb will work poorly, and likely blind other drivers on the road. Plus, it's illegal.

I had Lasix years ago, and my night vision is piss poor. I looked into upgrading the stock headlights with clear lenses and a retrofit, but the cost is ridiculous. What I ended up doing was putting some Sylvania HID auxiliary low beams into the stock fog light location. These are real HID, with ballasts and everything. (I got them for $300 shipped)

The difference is night and day with these things.

ANd here are some night comparison pics. These pics were taken with the "fireworks" setting on the camera. These pics pretty accurately show the difference I see at night with them on/off.