View Full Version : Need a few specs on Cam settings, and adjustable gear tensionings??? Please help

06-17-2007, 11:17 AM
Ok, AFter almost a year, my motor has eveyrthing and its built to the T! But couple things I couldnt find, and need to know is some specs on setting the cams and gears...

Im runniing HKS 264/264 with adjustable HKS cam gears. Rough setting in right now, an its definately not where it should be, so exact specs would be great!

Things I need to know:

Where should the Cam Lobe Center Line be at? (example: my buddys built honda was 180 degrees @ 50,000 foot)

Where should the Lift and Duration be at also?

And finaly, anyone with these HKS cam gears, I can't read japanese, and need to know the torque specs on the adjuster bolts?

And also where would be a good start to set the gears at? Just zero them out to start? ANyone kow from experience?

Any answers and info would be greatly appreciated!!! Email or call me if you want with some answers! Quicker the better, want this thing finished! lol

Thanks in advance!

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