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EXceptional Woman
03-18-2008, 11:24 PM
So I've heard on previous threads and maybe other forums that the 18" Dunlop tires may have issues with gripping to roads that are grooved from construction. I experienced this on a highway and really felt like I was driving on an ice skating rink! Anyone else have this problem, and do you have the same tires? Is anyone planning on replacing their tires already? I love my Goodyear Triple Treads on my Honda, but not sure if they have them for this car.

03-19-2008, 10:08 AM
I have 18" Dunlops too but have not been on construction roads yet. I'll have to keep that in mind though.

So far I am very happy with the noise and comfort of the tires. It was rainy/sleeting the other day and EX stuck to the road like glue. I was really impressed with it.

03-19-2008, 02:36 PM
I’ll second the endorsement of the 18" Dunlop SP Sport 7000. So far they’ve been great on dry pavement and very good on wet. Won’t be able to report how they do in the snow until next year. Had a wee bit of hydroplaning in one area I routinely pass that always gets standing water. It was very slight - barely noticeable. It was probably more due to the driver than the tires – while I never hydroplaned in that area with my Subaru, I also never went through it at 75+ MPH as I did with my EX (Hey – the road was deserted, no one in the car but me, so why not make good use of that 297 HP?) I doubt any hydroplaning would have occurred at more legal speeds.

Haven’t gone over any construction grooves yet, but will keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads-up. I did look at reviews for the Dunlop’s on Tire Rack, and none are posted. No test reports either.

The only other high performance all season in the right size is the Pirelli P6. Mixed reviews, and it is H speed rated rather than V as the Dunlop’s. Interestingly, several of the reviews for the Pirelli also specifically mention poor performance on grooved pavement. Perhaps this is an issue endemic to all high performance all season tires?

03-19-2008, 04:12 PM
I am replacing the Dunlop 7000's once spring comes, they are not very good in snow (and supposedly get worse by the second winter as they lose tread), I don't find them particularly good in wet, and even in dry they are an all-season tire so are not going to perform as well as the EX can.

They are cheap tires, can't really expect too much out of them, so I'll go performance summers and performance winters...

03-19-2008, 10:30 PM
EXW - I'm in agreement with the last post on the tires (your car deserves better). However, have heard this bit about wet rough pavement on several posts. I suspect what this is about is that this vehicle's suspension is such that on bumps your steering wheel will move, and so if you're not hanging on a bit.... And if one hand is reading email and the other doing nail polish.... Well.... (I'm sure that wasn't you doing that.)

This is by contrast to the sort of floaty steering of a lexus or even the acura. I don't find it a problem, but was certainly something to get used to.

EXceptional Woman
04-28-2008, 07:08 PM
I'd like to revive this post now that the April rains have come down upon us (after a long stretch of some ridiculously beautiful weather in the Northeast!) I can't even explain in words how disappointed I am in these Dunlop 7000 tires in the rain. I actually put the AWD on today because I felt like I had next to no control in just regular rain (not even downpours or anything like that). I wasn't even driving that fast (about 70 MPH, and I was the Grandma in the right lane compared to everyone else plowing through). Does anyone have any recommendations on some good tires to get for the EX if you are also looking into this or have replaced them already? Tirerack has a few, but they aren't very highly rated (only the Michelin Hydroedge has even close to a decent review):


EXceptional Woman
04-28-2008, 07:11 PM
Also just a quick note if you are looking at that link I sent, I set it to the AWD model, 18.

04-28-2008, 11:37 PM
You have reported two instances of your tires not reacting like you expected them to. I will assume you have them set to the proper air pressure. I would take the car in and have the tires checked, rotated, and have the alignment checked before I bought new tires. If the alignment isn't right new tires won't help anything. Infiniti covers an alignment check within the first 12K miles or 12 months.

04-29-2008, 12:07 AM
I haven't been over construction roads as mentioned here but I have noticed my vehicle pulling to the right lately. a week ago the tire pressure monitoring system dummy light came on. I checked the tire pressure finally and found out that the right passenger tire was low on air. After having added air the car drove much better and a little less pulling. I am going to monitor this tire and see if it has a slow leak....
anyhoo, long story short, check your tire pressure first; it may be over/under pressurized tires causing the issue.

EXceptional Woman
04-30-2008, 05:22 PM
Good thoughts jmess and Clay. Thanks, I will try those before I do anything drastic :-)