View Full Version : Road Hazard Warranty -- maybe I should have gotten it

04-02-2008, 11:34 AM
While signing the papers for our new EX35 they offered us the Road Hazard Warranty -- protection against road hazards and damage to the tires, rims, etc. for about $560 for 39 months. I thought about it briefly and declined. I've been driving for over 25 years :eek: and only once have I had a tire damaged by road hazards (punctured by a bolt) -- about 20 years ago. At that time they were a set of brand new Firestones and it turned out the Firestones were covered for road hazards for the firs 30 days. They gave me a new tire. So I figured, what are the chances, right?

Yesterday, on the third day of driving our EX35, the tire pressure monitor light came on. Checked the tires, and yep, one looked low. Upon closer inspection, you guessed it, you could see the slotted head of a big bolt sticking out of the front passenger tire.

I read the warranty on the 18" Dunlops and, you guessed again, road hazards are not covered (I think some states don't allow non-coverage). Pulled into a gas station, inflated the tire, and then went to a nearby Sears Tire Center. Forty minutes and fortunately only $25 later, the tire was repaired and remounted. BTW, to unmount the tire, they had to take all the stuff out of the cargo area to get the adapter to take off the nuts.

When the guy at Sears was asking me how many miles on the car, he kind of laughed when I told him, "I think it's up to 150 miles."

At least the Tire Pressure Monitoring System worked like a charm!

04-02-2008, 01:48 PM
Driving on Interstates in particular is a hazard everyday. I used to have to travel 75 miles everyday at speeds of 80mph...I have had evrything you can imagine come at me, from a 6x6 wire cage (came flying over the median wall from where, I do not know), to fine sand particles coming from a truck 2 miles down the road...did not know what it was, and the grit sandblasted the entire front end of my car. I could actually hear it, though I could not see a thing.