View Full Version : IPHONE Interface

05-17-2008, 03:48 AM
Its quite good. But perhaps if we list the issues with it here, and there are some, we can get a firmware update for the EX audio system via a memory card or a CD?

Problems I have found are.
1. Inconsistent support for shuffle. If I plug in the Iphone and the Ipod software is in shuffle mode, I have the option to control the shuffle on the EX audio system. But I can't initiate a shuffle from the ex audio system on its own.
2. No support for the Iphone's voicemail system. In fact, when you attempt to listen to a voicemail, it won't even play through the car.

I list these as bugs not feature misses, because it seems like they intended to make it work but just didn't quite get 100% of the way there.

Others? Anyone out there at Infiniti listening.