View Full Version : AN to Metric Adapter for Turbo to Block lines.

master chief
05-20-2008, 04:53 PM
Hi guys.

I am remaking some Coolant lines for my GT3071R-WG.
I had the Circuit-Sports lines, but i need them longer, so i bought some Earl's hoses and fittings, and will make my own.

The lines will be AN6, the same as the Circuit-Sports lines, but i dont know what are the AN-to-Metric adapters that i need.

The adapters that came with the Circuit-Sports lines, look the same - all 4 of them.
They allso have metal O rings for sealing.

2 go into the block and return pipe (its a black top VVT engine) and 2 go into the turbo.

What is the partnumber i need from EARL's, for these adapters ?
Could somone look here :
And tell me the part number i would need ?

Are they the AN6-14mm X 1.5 adapers ?


05-20-2008, 07:01 PM
the coolant ones are 14x1.5 and the oil line coming out of the block is 12x1.25

for mine i ran -4 for both.

OIL: 9919BFF 12MM x 1.25 -4 Metric thread male to AN adapter male.WATER:
9919DFH 14MM X 1.5 -6 Metric thread male to AN adapter male.or
9919BFH 14MM X 1.5 -4 Metric thread male to AN adapter male.depending on if you go -4 or -6 for the water.

hope this solves your questions.

master chief
05-21-2008, 06:31 AM

Are those adapters, on their metric side, able to use metal O rings for sealing ?