View Full Version : Speed Sensing Wiper Interval (and audio volume)

05-21-2008, 07:28 PM
hello guys .. i've had my baby for almost four months, and i love it a lot .... does anyone have any problems with the speed sensing wiper interval and audio volum controls? cuz they seem not to work on my car..i dont think there's any changes in the speed of the windshield wiper whether im doing 100km/h or stopped (the system on my bmw x3 works just fine .. at least the wiper slows down when im stopped).. the same thing with the audio volume.. the volume doesnt seem to go up as i speed up .. (i've already turned both functions on, and nothing seems to help in the owner's manual..) oh, the bi-xeons arent as bright(by a lot) as those on my x3 .. other than that , i enjoied the ex a lot more over the x3 ..

cheers :26::auto:

EXceptional Woman
05-22-2008, 03:58 PM
Welcome Happyroll! I don't use the speed-sensing audio, but my wipers respond to the speed. I guess it is worthwhile to ask next time you are in for service.

I feel like the Xenons are bright enough, but set too low (heightwise). We have lots of deer up here and if one was on the side of the road, I wouldn't be able to see it really until it is too late (unless I have my highbeams on). To me the lights should be adjusted just a tad higher so I can see more from farther away.