View Full Version : Greddy MSS Question.

08-26-2009, 07:35 PM
So I got the MSS all wired up, powers up, but my coolant temp readings are real jacked up.

I tried searching everywhere for info and nobody really has any info except for one dude, and I put my sensor calibration settings to what he had 7P and S2 and it still reads way off.

Anybody got any ideas?

RPM reads fine (Well, like it will say 90 for 900rpm, guess kuz it only has 3 digit display) but temp will say like 4.7c and its nowhere near 4.7 or 47c, so Im guessin my calibration settings are messed up?

Defi gauge will read like 67c in the radiator, stock gauge will read a bit under middle, the MSS just does retarded ********.

Extra info:
96 S14
Blacktop SR
KA water temp sensor

If you have an MSS, what settings are you running, and is the MSS reading properly?