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11-17-2009, 04:22 AM
Hi i all i am from Singapore.

I am rebuilding my S15 with the following parts. I will like to know what are the parts i need to take note.

Wiesco 87mm 8:7:1
Eagle H beam Rods
Brian Crower 272/272 cams
Brian Crower Valve Springs Retainers.
Greddy Cam Gear for intake and exhaust
Port and polished head
Cometic head gasket
ARP head & main studs
Garrett GT3582R turbo, Hotside 0.82, T3 flange
TOP MOUNT 3mm 304SS manifold
Tial F44mm 1.2 bar wastegate
Customised 3" intercooler piping with AVS 100mm intercooler
Greddy Type R BOV
S14 gearbox hybrid with r25 gearbox
OS Giken twin plate clutch
Greddy Oil Cooler
Jun Style intake manifold with 80mm throttle body

1) Which ECU to recomend? AEM EMS or Haltech Platinium Sport?
2) Can my car boost at 1.8bar of boost safely?
3)I am looking to pull the car till 8,000RPM, is 600BHP on crank Achievable?
4)What is estimated RPM to start spool and full boost

11-17-2009, 05:12 AM
Looks to be a pretty nice build, would maybe be a bit laggy.

1. I would reccomend Vi-Pec ecu, me and several friends of mine run it and are very satisfied. You can even get it as a plug in for most sr20 vehicles.

2. I have no experience using that turbo myself, so I couldn't tell you. I guess the limiting areas would be detonation and stock block rigidity. When you are aiming for such high hp, some would reccomend you to get your block sleeved. Is there a reason why you specifically want to run 1.8bar?

3. The desired HP level seems acchievable, maybe depending a bit on choice of fuel. People have made 500whp with GT3076's and similar mods like yours. I don't think pulling it to 8000rpm would make the big difference, as many see peak hp slightly below 7000. But with such high duration camshafts, you should maybe consider going for solid lash adjusters aswell.

4. A guy around here had a GT3582 with the T4 1.06 ar turbine housing, I _think_ he had full boost around 4500rpm, correct me if this sounds way off.

What do you mean by s14 - R25 hybrid gearbox?

A few other mods i could reccomend would be Injector dynamics injectors, apexi 1.1mm multilayer steel headgasket, bigger lighter Supertech valves, and rocker arm stoppers. All can be bought from mazworx. They are the right people to ask about sleeving the block aswell :)

11-18-2009, 03:24 AM
MY WORKSHOP have bought a adaptor or conversion kit for me for the r33 5 speed gearbox to mate onto a sr20 5speed gearbox.

What are the parts i need to change for soild lash adjuster.

BTW, my mechanics advise me not to use intake cams, he will use the ecu to adjust on/off the vcct. Is it advisable?

I am using the greddy rocker arm stopper currently

11-18-2009, 01:21 PM
For SLA's you will need to replace the HLA's with the SLA's, and to gain the benefits of these you will need to upgrade your valvetrain. Depending on what solids you use you may have to modify your rocker arms.

Using the stock intake cam will help the turbo spool quicker and make good mid-low power, but it will hurt the overall power. Its hard to say exactly how it will work as I have not seen many people run the stock intake cam with an upgraded exhaust cam. For the size turbo you have I am thinking this may not be the best choice as that turbo is meant to make big power, not be a quick spooler. If you want something more responsive I think the stock intake cam and upgraded exhaust cam with a 3076 could be very interesting. You could always look at one of the cams designed to work with vcct.

Also what will you use this car for? If its for drag racing I'd do both cams and the turbo you mention, combined with SLA's and 8500-9000 rpm limiter. If its for road racing I'd focus on spool up and mid range power more so I'd either do cams and a smaller turbo or try out the 3582 with the stock intake cam and see. I personally think it will have full boost closer to 4800-5000 rpm's however I could be wrong. I'll be very interested to see how it all works out.

master chief
11-18-2009, 04:02 PM
First i would recomand on anything but a Cometic.
Apexi, PE, HKS, TOMEI would be the only HG i would consider for your ower levels.

I have a GT3582, Tial housing .82 A/R, with LHA Tomei 260 cams etc.
The car made 500HP @ HUBs at 22PSI, and 530HP @ HUBs at 25psi, on a dynapack.
Full boost, depens on what gear you'r in, but i would generelaize and say it come at about 4900-5000 RPM.

Check out my Dyno graph - thats what you should expect, more or less.
Not sure how the BC272 cams, will affect things.

This is on normal pump fuel BTW.


Here's some more info on my project - it might be relevant to you.

11-23-2009, 03:56 PM
1) Which ECU to recomend? AEM EMS or Haltech Platinium Sport?
Who will tune it? I would consult with them first, I pick the AEM EMS but we have lots of people familiar with the system.
2) Can my car boost at 1.8bar of boost safely?
Not for long, you will not need 1.8bar to get 600 crank HP with a GT35R, but if you want to push a lot of boost like 28psi you might want to look at a iron sleeve. A year of 28psi on my previous motor blew the stock sleeve and made quite the mess. Be ready for more then 600hp crank and get some high octane gas, I like 110leaded because it is cheap and readily available in my area. Maybe you should look at a GT30R series as that will get you to 500hp crank.
3)I am looking to pull the car till 8,000RPM, is 600BHP on crank Achievable?
Oh yeah, not a problem. The turbo will support 600 at the wheel if you push it.
4)What is estimated RPM to start spool and full boost
On a 2.0 liter I would say 4500-5500 depending on how much boost and how you tune it.

The following parts would never touch any of my cars:
Brian Crower 272/272 cams
Brian Crower Valve Springs Retainers.
Cometic head gasket