View Full Version : Z32 Rack and Pinion fit into S14?

07-07-2010, 08:47 PM
Ok so I got most the stuff I need to start my RB26 swap including full R32 multi-link and awd. I came across my steering rack only to think "damn, 3.1 loc- to lock is like grandma steering." It would be a total waste to have such loose turning with a 'baby gtr'. So I began researching steering racks only to see no one has tried the z32 rack. The s13 hicas rack has been tried and trued but is increasingly hard to find and very expensive. Sadly all my internet searches through search engines and various forums in any combination that involve the search terms "z32 steering rack s13/s14" will lead to mostly drifting threads discussing innter tie rods or s13 hicas rack swaps. There seems to be various grey areas when it comes to the Z32 rack in general. From what I can understand the various rack locks are:

S13 Non-Hicas - 3.1:1
S13 Hicas - 2.6:1
S14 (all usdm) - 3.1:1
Z32 Non-Hicas - 2.8:1
Z32 Hicas - 2.4:1

Either of the Z32 racks would be considered an upgrade in steering response by introducing a quicker and tighter ratio. S14 and Z32 chassis supposedly use the same part number rack bushings. So the only thing left for the unknown are the steering knuckle spline and overall length of the rack. If the splines and length are compatible, then it should be a breeze shouldn't it? (But why hasn't it been done?)

In the end, does anyone know if it has been done? A Z32 rack in either S chassis or R chassis (since I will be using the R32 front subframe). Are there any major physical differences in the various racks?